Customize Your Recruiting Strategy

The Fuqua Career Management Center will work with each company to determine an effective strategy for your recruiting needs. Along with the standard events listed below, we can work with you on customizing your visit to meet your needs. Contact your account manager to discuss your recruiting goals and how we can help you achieve them.

Full-time and internship employer presentations may be scheduled Monday through Thursday in the evenings. There are also daytime slots available on Wednesdays.  Presentation slots are 50 or 60 minutes in length, and may be hosted on-campus, off-campus or in a virtual setting.

Key considerations for impactful presentations:

  • Presentations should be educational, where students can learn something about your industry and organization that isn’t readily available online.
  • Allocate time for Q&A and networking with employees (preferably, Fuqua Alumni) to obtain a better sense of your corporate culture and career paths.
  • Close with “Next Steps”.  Share upcoming networking events, diversity programs and any application processes and deadlines.

Employers should consult their Fuqua account managers to discuss appropriate venues for recruiting. Account managers work with recruiters to best communicate company culture, market job opportunities, and network with students in a format the helps build a positive brand image on campus. 

Presentation dates and times may be requested through Fuqua's CareerBridge. Account managers review all requests and assign dates and times with consideration for other events that have already been scheduled. 

Additional student engagement activities help to promote your brand and job opportunities to students.

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Fuqua students participate in a variety of multi-company and multi-school recruiting events. Many of these events help recruiters find the right talent at the right time, and in a convenient location; often helping to minimize travel costs in the process. Contact your account manager for more information. If you are not working with a account manager, email Natalie Stewart for information and options. 

Our alumni are often employers' strongest advocates, and summer interns can add to an employer's campus presence and act as company emissaries. Internships present a great way for companies to evaluate potential permanent hires. Interns can boost company productivity and provide much needed support on special projects. When interns are pleased with their experience, they add to an employer's campus presence and act as emissaries.

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In support of green recruiting, flyers promoting company recruiting events or hiring needs cannot be distributed to students. Please work with your account manager to identify the most appropriate opportunities to promote your events.

Post announcements to the electronic bulletin board

Duke has numerous electronic boards throughout the building. The CMC will post digital advertisements for companies participating in recruiting events. Please create one PowerPoint slide in two sizes: 16 x 9 inches and 4 x 3 inches. We will add them to one of the numerous electronic boards throughout the building. Email your PowerPoint slide to your account manager.

Update your company information on the student intranet

Students first find information about your company and your recruiting events on Fuqua's CareerBridge, the student web space for recruiting and career search information. Use the employer portal of Fuqua's CareerBridge to manage your company description, web address, and contact information.

To reduce the environmental impact of recruiting, Fuqua restricts the use of corporate give-away items. We believe there are other, more environmentally friendly ways to make each organization memorable.

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