Fuqua and Duke alumni are a company's strongest advocates, and we encourage their involvement with recruiting whenever possible. We encourage companies to provide a list of Fuqua or Duke alumni working at their organizations.


Internships present a great way for companies to evaluate potential permanent hires. Interns can boost company productivity and provide much needed support on special projects. In addition, when interns are pleased with their internship experience, they add to a company's campus presence and act as company emissaries. 

Duke MBA summer internships

Duke MBA interns are available for 10 to 12-week assignments between their first year and second year, beginning in mid-May or early June. They can complete important projects and research, temporarily fill permanent hiring needs, provide innovative approaches to solving business problems, and establish a valuable connection between company and students.

Interns serve in numerous business functions:

  • product marketing
  • financial analysis
  • operations
  • market research
  • business strategy

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