Augment Your Recruiting Efforts

Augmenting company recruiting events with other student engagement activities helps to promote your brand and job opportunities to students.

Networking nights

Networking nights are recruiting events which allow recruiters and students to connect in a less formal setting. The events are held at Fuqua from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. and accommodate up to 18 companies. Light refreshments and beverages are provided and attire is business casual.

Networking nights for employers looking to fill fulltime MBA roles occur in early September and are open to Daytime MBA and Working Professional students.

We offer a Networking Night for companies interested in hiring first-year MBA students for summer internships later in the fall, closer to resume drop deadlines. The event occurs early in late November or early December just before resumes are due for campus interviews. We also host a Networking Night for companies looking for experienced talent. This event includes our MBA students and alumni with 10 or more years work experience. 

The fee for networking nights is $300, and up to four company representatives can participate. Requests to attend a networking night through Recruit@Duke. Sector managers will review and consider requests on a first-come, first-served basis.

Office hours

A company may request to have students register for specific time slots or may host students in a more "open house" forum where students come and go during a specified time frame.

Student club events

Fuqua student clubs and organizations are the lifeblood of campus activities, and there are clubs for most every professional and personal interest. Sponsoring a club event, either with time or money, provides visibility for companies and a chance to interact with students interested in areas that align with employer recruiting needs. Examples include sending representatives to participate in a symposium or sponsoring a tour of company facilities.

MBA club organization information can be found on the MBAA clubs page and MMS club organization information on the MMSA clubs page. Reach out directly to club presidents to discuss sponsorship and partnership opportunities. Additionally, sector managers should be notified, so club events can be coordinated with other recruiting activities.

Host students on-site at your organization

During fall and winter breaks students organize trips to cities around the US and abroad to visit companies and learn more about their culture and hiring needs. An employer visit, which usually lasts from one to three hours could consist of a tour, presentation, panel discussion, lunch, and/or any activity that would be of interest to students. Fuqua refers to these visits as "Week-in-Cities" and past trips have included the "Week on Wall Street", visits to consumer packaged goods companies in New York and New Jersey, consulting firm visits in Atlanta, and a "tech trek" to the West Coast.

Employers interested in student visits should notify their sector manager.

Conduct mock interviews

The MBAA Mock Interview event occurs after the Thanksgiving holiday. During the event, company representatives conduct mock interview sessions and provide formal feedback to first-year MBA students. Mock interviews provide students the opportunity to develop their company-specific interview styles and learn techniques around specific interview types (e.g. behavioral, case, etc.) and company formats. Please ask your sector manager about participating in the Mock Interview event. 

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