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The Fuqua Career Management Center offers companies a variety of opportunities to identify and interact with talented students from all of our programs. These options ensure that organizations of any size and with a wide range of recruiting goals feel at home at Duke.

Fuqua offers an online candidate search of our current students. The online access enables search parameters to target company recruiting efforts and identify candidates who meet specific hiring requirements. Access Candidate Search through Fuqua's CareerBridge platform. 

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Our online job posting form consists of a quick survey that enables companies to post positions to their specifications. If interest in the opportunity is high, the job posting can be easily converted to a campus interview.

The job posting form offers a practical recruiting option for many companies, particularly those that:

  • have immediate hiring needs
  • work with limited recruiting resources
  • would like to gauge student interest for a function or division that has not recruited on campus or may not be well known to students

To complete a job posting, visit Fuqua's CareerBridge. Approved job postings are posted within one business day.

Summer interns add value to organizations in many ways. A thoughtful approach ensures a successful experience for the student and the employer.

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Maximize recruiting efforts and budgets by interviewing a large number of candidates in one day on Duke's campus.

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Today’s world economy demands that business managers have cultural sensitivity, experience managing businesses in foreign environments, and fluency in multiple languages. Fuqua graduates will help your company succeed in the global marketplace. About 40% of Fuqua students hail from international locations and represent around 45 countries. Many of these students held positions of significant responsibility prior to business school.

Opportunities In the U.S.

Most Duke MBA international students are available for summer internship employment without visa sponsorship as they are working under the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) that is a part of their student visa.

For full-time employment, students without permanent U.S. work authorization may apply for 12 months of Optional Practical Training (OPT) post-graduation to work without a visa. Some students have a STEM designation, which allows them to work in the U.S. for up to 3 years under OPT. To continue working in the U.S. beyond OPT, these graduates would need a company-sponsored H-1B visa. To learn more about CPT, OPT, and OPT for graduates with the STEM designation, please review our Hiring International Talent FAQ.

Applying for the H-1B visa is a surprisingly simple and inexpensive process, outlined for employers here. For more information on the H-1B application process, visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

Opportunities Outside the U.S.

If your company would like to recruit students for positions outside the U.S., let us help you make that process easier. We can arrange a Duke interview, even outside of the traditional recruiting calendar if needed, to align with your in-country hiring needs. Fuqua has state-of-the-art video conference facilities and companies can interact with an individual student or an entire group of students to mirror a face-to-face conversation. If telephone interviews are more convenient, we can also make those arrangements on your behalf.

If unable to come to Durham to host an in-person presentation, employers have the option of hosting a virtual presentation. All employer presentations, small group engagements, and interviews can be done virtually utilizing the employer’s platform of choice. Since it is difficult to replicate informal recruitment interactions, we recommend smaller events like coffee chats/office hours to complement your larger employer information session. Request to host a virtual session through Fuqua's CareerBridge.

Fuqua is located at 100 Fuqua Drive in Durham, North Carolina.

Directions, Parking, and Transportation

When making flight arrangements, please consider that it takes 30 to 45 minutes to travel between the Raleigh Durham International Airport and Fuqua. Plan to check-in for your interviews 15 to 20 minutes before they begin, and leave at least 45 minutes before you need to be at the airport to catch your return flight. Once interview schedules have been set we cannot move them to accommodate flight arrangements.

The closest parking options are the Science Drive Visitor Lot, located on Science Drive across from the Fuqua building, or the Science Drive Parking Deck, located on Science Drive next to the JB Duke Hotel. Refer to your confirmation email for the code to use at the meter machines. For complete information about visiting our campus for your recruiting events, please refer to our Recruiting Logistics Website.

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Recruiting principles and job offer timelines help to create an equitable process for all members of the Fuqua community involved in recruiting—including current students, alumni, and employer recruiting partners.

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