Campus interviews are an excellent way to maximize recruiting resources and time. Successful recruiting companies take a strategic approach to their first-round interviews on campus and work closely with their Fuqua account manager to strategize the best timing for interviews, taking into account each company's hiring calendar, other recruiting events, and business needs.

How to engage

Company representatives work with account managers to choose an interview date, the number of candidates to be interviewed, the format of the interviews, and the amount of time allotted for each interview. 

Interviews with candidates for full-time jobs are traditionally conducted in the fall, beginning in October. Please note, for full-time MBA opportunities the resumes of working professional MBA students eligible for on-campus interviews will be included with those of Daytime Second Year MBA students. Interviews with candidates for summer internships begin in January. 

If a company's recruiting schedule does not align with our recruiting calendar, recruiters are encouraged to work with their account manager to identify a date that is mutually agreeable. Campus interviews can continue for both full-time and intern positions throughout the spring semester with the exception of academic breaks and final exams.  

Campus interviews are conducted at Duke's Fuqua School of Business in specially designated interview rooms of the Career Management Center. During peak times, some interviews will be held in student team rooms. We are happy to host your representatives and will provide lunch as well as snacks and beverages throughout the day. Upon arriving, interviewers will be greeted by staff and provided with the interview schedule and copies of student resumes. Directions and parking information can be found here. If company representatives are not able to conduct interviews on-site at Fuqua, it is possible to conduct them by telephone or web conference. 

If space allows, we are also happy to provide rooms for second-round interviews. It is the employer's responsibility to contact, invite, and schedule students for second-round interviews. Recruiters should provide their account manager with the dates of on-site callback interviews or sell events so information can be shared with students.

Interviews are scheduled through Fuqua's CareerBridge, Fuqua's online recruiter resource. Account managers are also available to assist recruiters throughout the registration process.

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