The Fuqua Career Management Center operates under the principles outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) in its Professional Standards for University Relations and Recruiting and expects our recruiting partners to operate under these principles as well. Regardless if an employer utilizes on-campus facilities, the employer will be in partnership with Fuqua and bound by the principles and policies outlined below. It is recommended these policies be communicated to recruiters, interviewers, hiring managers and representatives. These recruiting principles and job offer policies help to create an equitable process for all members of the Fuqua community involved in recruiting – current students, alumni, and employer recruiting partners. Fuqua’s facilities and services are available only to employers whose practices are consistent with the principles and policies outlined in this document. Violation of these principles and guidelines will likely impact your organization’s reputation with Fuqua students and may involve sanctions imposed by Fuqua.

Please work with your account manager to establish appropriate dates and times for your activity. We will manage your recruiting activity through CareerBridge, our recruiting portal powered by 12Twenty. Please keep us informed of all your engagement activity, whether it is formal recruiting facilitated by our office, a club engagement arranged by student leaders, or any other initiative your organization wishes to enact. The CMC team will help you maximize your success by minimizing and mitigating conflicts with other events and academics. 

Academic obligations

Students should not be expected to sacrifice academic obligations, including class time, for a recruiting event or interview. We will work with your organization to optimize the timing of your activities to provide opportunities for all students to attend. 

First-year daytime students are obligated to stay in Durham, NC through the end of April to complete Spring term 2 and final exams. In late August, these same students must return to Durham, NC for pre-term activities in late August. Therefore, internships should not start prior to May 6, 2024, and should end by August 16, 2024, so these students can fulfill their academic obligations.


Your Account Manager will work with you to determine a date that is most appropriate for your campus-based or virtual interviews facilitated through CareerBridge. With CareerBridge we will collect resumes, facilitate interview invitations, and create and manage your interview schedule. This system provides you with a one-stop portal to manage your candidates and selection and makes it convenient for the students to manage their applications and interview schedules.

Selection of alternate candidates: To ensure your interview schedule contains a full slate of candidates, we require employers to identify a minimum of 2 alternate candidates for every 10 invited candidates. Employers rank alternate candidates, and an alternate only receives and invitation to interview if a pre-selected candidate declines. The maximum number of alternate candidates required is 10, though you are welcome to select more if you would like.

timing of events and avoiding conflicts

Minimal event conflict is in the best interest of students and employers, therefore the Career Management Center makes every effort to work closely with employers to find a time that maximizes student engagement and minimizes conflicts. We encourage employers to engage directly with student club organizations for events and ask you to keep the CMC informed before the activity is confirmed and occurs. 

It is critical to the Team Fuqua experience that first-year MBA students are given the opportunity to settle in at Fuqua, focus on academics, and explore their career options at the beginning of their MBA program experience. Therefore recruiting activity targeting first-year MBA students in the fall terms is limited to information sharing and networking events. Internship interviews are not permitted before pre-term interviews begin on January 2, 2024. Please consult the recruiting calendar for specific dates. 

Organization activities and solicitation

Duke University appreciates and welcomes different university constituents' relationships with corporations, governmental and nonprofit organizations. Specifically, the Fuqua CMC seeks to build upon existing relationships and work with new employers to facilitate their hiring of Fuqua students. 

To enable these interactions, the Fuqua CMC plans and executes many events throughout the year to increase student awareness of these organizations and give employers access to the Fuqua student population. Organizations must work with the CMC to plan such events to maximize their exposure through appropriate advertising and avoidance of conflicting events.

Organizations may not use contact information obtained through employer presentations, job postings, candidate search, resume books, club events, or other activities to facilitate commercial selling or solicitation. The purpose of student engagement coordinated through the CMC or student organizations is to advance an employer's goal to identify talent for employment.

Providing sufficient time without undue pressure from company representatives allows students to evaluate their employment opportunities, therefore making the wisest decisions for all parties. To allow first-year MBA students enough time to consider various opportunities, and to allow employers enough time to evaluate candidates, all employers are required to wait to extend internship offers (verbal or written) until January 9, 2023. These timelines create a positive experience for candidates and employers, ultimately reducing renege and attrition rates.

The fundamental terms of an employment offer—including annual salary, base signing bonus, performance bonus, relocation, and job function—must remain unchanged until the expiration date. Financial incentives encouraging students to commit before the deadline are permitted as long as incentives are small relative to the overall value of the offer and still allow the student a minimum of three weeks’ decision time. If your company policies or business practices vary significantly from these timelines, please discuss this matter with your account manager before offers are extended to Fuqua students.

Job offer expiration dates for fulltime offers

If the offer is extended as the result of a summer internship:

The job offer must be made in writing and remain open until November 1, 2023, or three weeks  from the date the written offer is received, whichever is later.

If the offer is extended before January 1, 2024:

The job offer must be made in writing and remain open until December 1, 2023, or three weeks  from the date the written offer is received, whichever is later.

If the full-time offer is extended after January 1, 2024

The job offer must be made in writing and remain open for a minimum of two weeks from the date the written offer is received.

Job offer expiration dates for internship offers

January 5, 2024 is the first date an internship offer can be extended to a Fuqua first-year student 

The internship offer must be made in writing and remain open until January 26, 2024, or three weeks from the date the written offer is received, whichever is later.

If the offer is extended to a first-year student March 1, 2024 or later

The internship offer must be made in writing and remain open for a minimum of two weeks from the date the written offer is received.


Offers extended to an MMS or MQM student should be made in writing and remain open for one month from the date the written offer is received. 

Students currently enrolled in one of the following programs are working professional students and do not follow the same academic calendar as students enrolled in our Durham-based programs:

  • Weekend Executive MBA (WEMBA)
  • Global Executive MBA (GEMBA)
  • Master of Quantitative Management: Health Analytics
    (MSQM: Health Analytics)
  • Master of Quantitative Management: Business Analytics-Online
    (MSQM: Business Analytics, including Accelerated MSQM)

Providing the candidate with enough time to make a thoughtful decision remains crucial to a positive recruiting experience for all. Therefore, we recommend all offers made to a working professional student or Fuqua alumnus or alumnae remain open for a minimum of two weeks from the date the written offer is extended. If the offer is a result of a campus interview or career-center facilitated event, please see the dates above for full-time offers under Daytime MBA students. 

The Fuqua School of Business expects both students and employers to honor offers and acceptances of employment as serious commitments of intent to work/employ according to the terms of the offer. There are times when an employer may have to revoke an offer based on changing organizational or business needs. Similarly, there are times when a student’s circumstances change and they are no longer able to fulfill their obligation. While both rarely occur, the CMC investigates each situation independently and determines appropriate action based on individual circumstances.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education, including Duke. Recruiting organizations may only access information approved by students for distribution. This includes, but is not limited to, the resume database, registration to employer events, and application to job opportunities. No one affiliated with Duke University may give out student information to employers without the student’s explicit consent.

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business forbids discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, arrest record, or disability. Learn more through the Duke University Office for Institutional Equity.

In compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act, interviews must be made available to all interested students who meet the permanent work authorization requirements for other than practical training purposes, regardless of their citizenship. If United States citizenship is required by your company, please indicate this requirement in the job description of any position for which you are recruiting. Please see the US Department of Justice “Best Practices for Recruiting and Hiring Workers” for more information and guidelines.

The Career Management Center is committed to upholding principles set by the Fuqua Community Standard in all academic and nonacademic endeavors. Student and employer behavior in the recruiting process, whether on- or off-campus, must uphold the fundamental principles of mutual respect, honesty, integrity, and professionalism at all times. 

It is important that both the employer and student communicate openly throughout the interview, offer, and evaluation processes. All companies should establish and maintain, at most, a four-week window of communication with candidates throughout the process. For example, if your interview was held February 13, please send a follow-up communication no later than March 13, even if the message simply states your process is continuing and that candidates will be notified by an approximate date. All candidates not selected for further consideration also should receive notification of their final status once the selection process has been concluded. 

In support of Duke Sustainability, employers should refrain from bringing large quantities of giveaway items to distribute to students attending their employer presentation, office hours, or other recruiting events. This includes logo merchandise and company products, and applies to any employer conducting school-facilitated recruiting on Fuqua’s campus or at a nearby location such as the Washington Duke Inn. As an alternative, a company may bring a few products to display or conduct a raffle-style giveaway for a few attendees. We recognize many recruiters view these giveaways as visible ways to demonstrate commitment to Duke recruiting and to showcase the company and its products. Yet packaging, shipping, and distribution – which are necessary to make the giveaways possible – consume natural resources and create waste when extra products are left after the event. 

The Fuqua Career Management Center staff and activities are considered “Delayed Service” under the Duke Severe Weather and Emergency Conditions Policy.  If Duke activates the severe weather / emergency conditions policy, we will not host interviews or events on campus until the University returns to normal operating status. As soon as we know the school is on delayed opening or closed, the Employer Engagement team will reach out and work with our recruiting organizations to make alternate arrangements. You can also visit the Duke Alert web site, which updates the University operations status immediately. 

Our guiding principle is that a scheduled interview should be honored as a commitment by both the employer and the student, even if the original date, time, and/or format are altered by inclement weather. If your recruiters are traveling and find they are unable to get to Duke, call the CMC recruiting desk at +1 919-660-8081 as soon as possible. CMC staff on duty for the interview day will assist you in communicating their status to the students on the schedule.

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