Andrei Zuzin
Managing Director
VEB Innovations Investment Fund

Cross Continent MBA*

Class of 2004

Council Affiliation:

Russia/CIS Regional Advisory Board


Moscow, Russia

*Now the Global Executive MBA program.


Andrei graduated from the Naval Institute in St. Petersburg in 1989 with an engineer’s degree and got his MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business in 2004. Since 1994, Andrei spent multiple years in the IT industry and worked for such companies as Cisco Systems, AMT Group, and NVision Group. From 2007-2010, Andrei managed venture funds for VTB Group.

When the Skolkovo Innovation Center project took off, Andrei was invited by Cisco Systems to manage the Skolkovo project and relationship within Cisco, including launch of an R&D center, innovation contests, and projects with Skolkovo startups, and was occupied with it until the end of 2014.

Currently Andrei is a Managing Director of VEB Innovations fund carrying out investments to small technology startups. Andrei is an expert to the Open Government of Russian Federation and member of the board of directors of Inline Technology Group, one of the leading IT companies in Russia.