Daytime MBA Student Kevin Biehl
"I’m compelled by my classmates' accomplishments, diversity, and humility. We have neurosurgeons, CFOs, founders, teachers, bankers, consultants, biomedical engineers, physical therapists, elected officials, and more. All come together with more interest in hearing each other's stories than sharing their own. It is a unique privilege to grace the hall of flags alongside such a remarkable cohort."

Daytime MBA

Class of 2024
Climate Tech

Prior Education:

University of Oklahoma
San Jose, California

Why I Chose Fuqua

Fuqua offered two unique characteristics that made it the clear choice for my MBA. First, no other program has such a large cohort of students so passionate about clean energy. Second, I found students and administration at Fuqua more credibly aligned with my commitment to serving society through business than that of other programs.

The systems implemented by Fuqua’s two largest professional communities, health care and energy, critically influence global welfare. While solving different problems, we’re compelled to our career paths by a common purpose of affecting positive social change through business. One firm’s success is not at the expense of another when the ultimate goal lies at the nexus of social impact and profit. This view, supported by the student body and faculty, proved the authenticity of Team Fuqua to me. My time at Fuqua has only served to affirm this view.

The 5 Places Where I Find Zen

  1. The Green Room is a pool hall of the past. The pool tables are all original, dating back to the bar’s opening in the 1950s. Never change, Green Room.
  2. La Superior Carniceria is a Mexican grocery store, complete with an authentic taqueria, fresh cheese bar, fresh produce, and a massive butcher. Head to the tortilla counter to order steaming hot, fresh, tortillas by the pound.
  3. The Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke has a rooftop garden and outdoor classroom. It sits above most campus buildings, offering a peaceful view of sunsets, storms, the chapel, and, in autumn, the magnificent colorful leaves of Duke Forest.
  4. Blue Note Grill offers live music every night, bringing together an eclectic crowd spanning generations. I recommend attending an open mic night, when the best of the best in the triangle showcase their talent alongside an impressive house band.
  5. Cool down during the warm months with a float down the Eno River, meditate by the water in the cooler months. The river wraps around Durham, offering dozens of miles of trails within a 10-minute drive of Fuqua.

My Life Before Fuqua

Despite a degree in meteorology, I spent my pre-MBA career attempting to hit the tech startup lottery. I co-founded a software advisory firm and worked in customer success, business intelligence, and process optimization at other startups. Most recently, I oversaw the new customer onboarding program for a Series C software integration platform, which was acquired six months prior to starting grad school.

My Life After Fuqua

I’ve worked with two climate NGOs, two climate startups, an impact investing fund, and the UN while at Duke. This experiential learning has turned me from a climate business novice into someone competent to speak, model, and influence decarbonization efforts at any level. I had the opportunity to apply this knowledge to a sustainability strategy project this summer with Kearney, where I’ll be returning full time upon graduation.


My Fuqua Activities

Culinary Club: Co-President (23-24)

LIFE Club: VP Internal Affairs (23-24)

CASE i3 Student Investment Fund (2023)

Energy Conference: Head of Operations (2021)

Energy Club


Net Impact Club


Duke MBA Consulting Club

Rex Adams Scholarship



"I had one career goal: work to reverse climate change, not just limit it, by joining the atmospheric carbon removal industry. Less than 6 weeks into grad school, I secured a fellowship with the Circular Carbon Network. I co-authored the pre-eminent annual report on the CO2 removal and upcycling market. What I was hoping would be a foot in the door cascaded to a seat at the table."
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