Daytime MBA Student Louis Wu
"At Fuqua, I see myself as an intentional leader, utilizing my experiences working with people from all walks of life to better understand and empathize with those around me, and to make sure that what we’re putting into this community benefits everyone."

Daytime MBA

Class of 2024

Prior Education:

Brooklyn, NY

Why I Chose Fuqua

Choosing Fuqua was easy; getting in was the hard part! From the start, I knew Fuqua was the right combination of academics, geography, career resources, and team-collaboration that I was seeking. I wanted a tight-knit program where I could meet peers who wanted to lead businesses intentionally in a team-driven and supportive environment. Fuqua checked all these boxes for me. I couldn’t have had a more enjoyable experience applying and working with the second year students and Admissions who were instrumental in making me feel at home.


5 Best Restaurants and Bars To Visit When in Durham

  1. Mi Peru. Peruvian restaurant that’s both affordable and authentic.
  2. Kingfisher. Speakeasy located downtown with immaculate vibes.
  3. Ideals Sandwich Shop. Best sandwich shop in Durham, and rivals many that you’d find around the country.
  4. Mi Calvillo Antojitos Mexicanos. Family owned Mexican restaurant on 9th street. Home cooked meal at affordable prices.
  5. KoKyu Na'Mean. Fusion Vietnamese and Korean sandwich shop. Creative and large sandwiches that will fill you up.

My Life Before Fuqua

Prior to Fuqua, I worked in higher ed and college access, in a variety of finance, biz ops, and strategy roles. In this capacity, I worked alongside many educators and programming teams who worked tirelessly in ensuring that educational opportunities—especially higher education—remained a viable path to those who might not have had the same access to opportunities as others did in this country.

My Life After Fuqua

Post Fuqua, I plan to start my career in the tech or consulting space. Down the line, I aim to be at the intersection of tech, policy, and education in the edtech space. I’m applying all of the skills I’ve learned in Fuqua—from the hard quant skills acquired through my courses to the soft skills I’ve built up through the team bonding and building experiences I’ve had during my time here.

My Fuqua Activities

Fuqua COLE Leadership Fellow

Career Fellow

FCCP Fellow

MBAA VP of Technology

ABC Events Cabinet Member

GCC Events Cabinet Member

BBSA Allyship Cabinet Member

"As the MBAA VP of Tech, I undertook an effort to clean up and streamline our platform communications so that future classes and beyond can have an orderly, and seamless tech experience while at Fuqua. This took coming together with a plan to moderate platforms, re-introduce norms, enforce these new rules and establish a sustainable culture moving forward."
Daytime MBA Student Andrew Fischer
Daytime MBA

Andrew Fischer

Class of 2023
Daytime MBA Student Louis Wu
Daytime MBA

Louis Wu

Class of 2024
Daytime MBA Student Al Corvah
Daytime MBA

Al Corvah

Class of 2024
Daytime MBA Student Jose Pumarejo
Daytime MBA

Jose Pumarejo (Puma)

Class of 2023