Daytime MBA Student Xiaobao Li
"Now I feel more comfortable about taking initiatives. The transformation experience for me mostly came from seeing other student leaders as examples for taking initiatives. Particularly at FuquaPride, I witnessed SY leadership played a crucial role in shaping the club into an inclusive and family-like environment for LGBTQ+ communities."

Daytime MBA

Class of 2024
Health Care/Biotech

Prior Education:

Northwestern University
Henan Province, China

Why I Chose Fuqua

I think the people and the culture Fuqua people represent is the biggest reason for me to choose Fuqua. Blue Devil Weekend was an unforgettable experience for me where I enjoyed every single conversation I had with Fuqua people. I made lifetime friends during that weekend and saw a great culture fit for me where people go above and beyond to support others.

Another big reason for me to choose Fuqua is the HSM program which is tremendously helpful for me to pivot into the biotech industry. The program design provides comprehensive views across different health care related industries and the alumni resources are incredible to help understand the industry.

5 Restaurants You Won't Want to Miss in Durham

  1. M Tempura
  2. Kingfisher
  3. Guglhupf Bakery, Cafe & Biergarten
  4. M Kokko
  5. BB's Crispy Chicken

My Life Before Fuqua

Before Fuqua, I worked as a Principal Scientist in the R&D division of a chemical company. I was responsible for internal innovation projects and technical due diligence for technology licensing and acquisition.

My Life After Fuqua

I plan to be in a general management or corporate strategy role in a biotech company. The learnings from Fuqua on both business fundamentals and health sector management are going to be tremendously helpful in my future career.

My Fuqua Activities

Treasury at FuquaPride

Career Coach at Health Care Club

Education Cabinet at Culinary Club

Career Cabinet at General Management Club

New Venture Fellow

HSM Fellow



"I came to Fuqua for the health sector management program as I am passionate about a career in health care/biotech. I am an HSM fellow and also a Career Cabinet member of the Health Care Club. Through these initiatives, I was able to give back to the health care community from both academic and recruiting perspectives."
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Daytime MBA Student Xiaobao Li
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Class of 2024
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