Chloe Jacobs

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
College/University Attending: Spelman College
Year In School When Selected: First Year
Program of Study: Economics 


My name is Chloe Jacobs, and I’m a first-year economics major from Los Angeles, California. I’m one of three siblings, and my younger sister and I are very close. You can always tell when we’re home because you’ll hear us singing, dancing, and laughing. When I’m not listening to a podcast, or singing for the Spelman College Glee Club, I’m usually exploring Atlanta with my friends. Whether we’re going to a concert, a thrift market, or a restaurant, I’m always open to a new adventure. I would say that is why I decided to transfer to boarding school halfway through high school. I could have waited until college for a new experience, but after attending the same school since kindergarten, I wanted to challenge myself by experiencing a different environment and finding my independence. It’s that same drive and curiosity that pushed me to apply to the New Ideas Competition.

Summary of New Ideas proposal:

My proposal was for an educational nonprofit creating comprehensive sex-ed for private high schools. Comprehensive sex-ed is fundamental because every student deserves to feel safe. However, its power also has exponential potential. Developing a positive relationship with oneself and one’s body creates solid ground for a person to grow and change. I believe that a world in which comprehensive sex-ed is the norm is one that will be more open-minded and connected.

What does the New Ideas Competition mean to you?

To me, the New Ideas Competition was chiefly concerned with learning and community. That weekend was a chance to build community with other motivated students. Though we will all have different journeys, it is this diversity of interests that makes me excited to watch my fellow participants grow alongside me. In addition, meeting industry professionals, graduate students, and business leaders opened my eyes to life beyond undergrad. I can clearly see that there are many paths for my future.

Advice for new applicants:

Not only is the in-person experience a learning opportunity, but so is the application. Ask yourself what you can gain from the process itself, and embrace the opportunity to work towards a deeper purpose. Create something to make yourself proud.