Simran Seth

Simran Seth

Hometown: Short Hills, New Jersey
College/University Attending: Boston University
Year In School When Selected: 2nd Year
Program of Study: Business Administration


A bit more about me is that I love to play badminton, travel Europe and cook Indian food. A country I loved travelling to is Spain and a fun fact is I have studied abroad in London for 2 months. An interesting experience I have had is competing in a national pageant Miss World Canada as their youngest delegate. An area I am really excited to pursue is fashion because I love how it is such a global and creative concept that we can all connect to and it is particularly nice to see that there are women in high business leadership positions in fashion and retail!

Summary of your New Ideas proposal:

My New Ideas Proposal is to empower young girls to build confidence through an app or a toy. Growing up, I did lack a lot of self-confidence and that effect trickled into high school and even my freshman year of college. After competing in two pageants, I realized there is so much power in self-confidence and I wished I could influence young girls to choose self-confidence over self-doubt. It is crazy to see the magnitude of this problem, where young girls have to begin molding themselves to what society sees worthy at an incredibly young age. I hope that my idea and future product address the challenge of limiting young women's potential and instead spark a change in the way young girls and women love themselves.

What does the New Ideas Competition mean to you?

To me, the New Ideas Competition was a step forward in a direction towards becoming an entrepreneur. I think that feedback and recommendations play such a huge role in moving forward with a business idea and being able to present my idea in front of very influential people in business made a huge difference in how I should move forward. I loved that we could present in such an empowering setting it motivated me even more to present my ideas with passion and authenticity. 

Advice for new applicants:

Advice I would give is adding your personality and personal experiences to the business idea you are pitching. I believe that nowadays, the business landscape has changed a lot where customers and people in general want to know not only the product but the story and person behind it. I know that when I infused my passion, it helped the people reading my essay understand who I was as a student and young woman.  It is also important that you are able to explain your ideas in a few sentences and elaborate on its innovation, purpose, and value to help Fuqua understand what makes it deserving to pitch in front of more people!