Fuqua Launches New Energy Finance Concentration and Sustainability Courses

September 13, 2013

The new Energy Finance concentration gives MBAs a chance to dive deeper into issues like project finance and risk management.

How should business incorporate sustainability into their decision-making and operations?

Duke University's Fuqua School of Business will provide students with analysis to this type of question through its new Energy Finance concentration and two new sustainability focused courses.

The new Energy Finance concentration, which is an addition to the school's existing MBA Concentration in Energy & Environment, gives MBAs a chance to dive deeper on issues of project finance, markets and trading, corporate finance, and risk management. It will provide students with the fundamentals of global energy markets. Fuqua is the only MBA program in the Businessweek top 10 schools to offer a major or concentration in Energy Finance to its students.

In addition, a new Business Strategies for Sustainability course will give students the opportunity to compare and contrast sustainability-related challenges in different firms, industries and geographies and assess how these differences affect corporate strategy and practice. Led by Professor Dan Vermeer, the course will feature case studies, lectures, guest speakers and interactive activities. 

In a separate course, students will be able to interact with senior business executives as part of a seminar series led by the Center for Energy, Development and the Global Environment (EDGE). John McNabb, Vice Chairman of Investment Banking, Duff & Phelps Corporation, will kick-off the seminar series on September 18th. Terry Yosie, President and CEO of the World Environment Center, and Tom Albanese, Former CEO, Rio Tinto Corporation, are also scheduled to speak in the seminar series throughout the course of the semester.

"As environmental and social challenges grow, companies are increasingly pursuing sustainability as a business imperative and a key to competitive advantage," said Vermeer. "It is therefore imperative that students understand how businesses assess sustainability risks and opportunities, and how they develop and implement strategies around it."



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