Add Duke to your organization's skillset

Talent from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business is world-renown for having the sharp skills to analyze options, an open mind to appreciate other perspectives, and a leadership style that inspires entire organizations to do better while doing what is best.

Bringing expertise from a wide range of industries and functions, in career stages ranging from entry level to senior leadership, the members of Fuqua’s talent pool are positioned to excel in your organization – as a paid intern or full-time hire; mentored student; or volunteer.


If you have paid full-time, internship, or short-term contract/project work for any of Fuqua’s talented and diverse students or alumni, please share it with us through our job posting form. You may also email the opportunity to so our team can help you market to the appropriate audience(s). If you are interested in engaging more broadly, we offer a full suite of recruiting options for organizations of all sizes and encourage you to explore our Recruiters site

Study Experiences

If you have an unpaid opportunity, Fuqua will try to match you with an individual student or student consulting team who will engage on a project in your organization for academic credit.

Mentored Study Program (MSP)

This is an elective course in which a Daytime MBA student engages on a project for your organization while you serve as a mentor providing regular guidance. Engagements should last approximately 4 weeks with a student dedicating approximately 20 hours a week to your project. No fee is required to participate in the Mentored Study Program.


To propose a project, complete this short survey and a student will reach out to you directly if interested to pursue your project opportunity. If both you and the student agree to move forward, we formally enroll the student in this academic course for credit and qualify the project with you. You will refine the project directly with the student.


All projects will be conducted virtually. We recommend a mentor establish two regular touchpoints with the student on a weekly basis.


For additional information about the program contact the MSP Director.

Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP)

This is an elective course in which a small team of current students will address a strategic or operational challenge for your organization. Available to both local and international organizations, these projects are hands-on, student-led, and faculty-guided, aimed at bringing a fresh perspective and actionable insights to help solve your organizational challenges.


FCCP client companies cover the range, from small social enterprise non-profits, to growth stage startups, to Fortune 500 companies in the US. Projects cover all business functional areas as well as strategy. Clients take on a mentoring role in order to address important business questions that require a little more bandwidth than can be addressed by interns, but may not be structured enough to be addressed by professional consulting firms.


Participating students range from Masters in Management students at the beginning of their careers, to Daytime MBA students with 4-5 years of work experience in different industries, to executive MBA students who have between 6 and 20 years of experience and insight.


You can learn more about the program here. Project submission deadlines begin in mid-September each year. For more information, contact the FCCP Project Team.

Fuqua Volunteer Corps

Designed to support U.S. nonprofit organizations that could use additional strategic support, the Fuqua Volunteer Corps is comprised of students and recent graduates who are ready to help 501(c)  organizations navigate the current environment with temporary support in different business domains. Ideal projects are 2-8 weeks in duration, requiring 20+ hours of work by a Fuqua Volunteer Corps Member per week. Full details, project requirements, sample projects, and information on how to apply are available here. For more information, contact the FVC Director.

Other Duke Opportunities

In addition to Fuqua-specific opportunities, the broader Duke community is assisting undergraduate and graduate students across the university. If your organization is interested in providing an internship, summer project, job shadowing opportunity, or mentoring relationship to Duke University students in disciplines outside the business school, please fill out this survey.

We hire a lot of bright interns, but it’s that collaborative and sparking personality that helps seal the deal for Fuqua students." 

Top Employers 2019

McKinsey & Company


Accenture LLP

Microsoft Corporation

Bain & Company

BCG (Boston Consulting Group)

PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Google, Inc.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch


"We choose students from Fuqua because they perform better, both on client engagements and in contributing to our company."