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Fuqua has a significant array of merit scholarships to award to admitted students with outstanding credentials. We consider all admitted students for merit scholarship awards; there is no separate scholarship application for you to complete. Awards can range from partial to full-tuition, and are applied by the University Bursar to offset your tuition costs.

Selection by the Admissions Scholarship Committee is based on prior academic achievement, demonstrated leadership qualities, impact within your community, your ability to contribute to the Fuqua community, and professional accomplishments.

These scholarships are funded by the generosity of our alumni, other Fuqua community members, foundations, and corporations.

Distinguished Scholarships

Thomas F. Keller Scholars

The most prestigious Fuqua award, the Thomas F. Keller Scholarship, is named in honor of Dr. Thomas Keller, dean of the Fuqua School of Business (1974-95) during a time of significant transformation and growth for the school

Award: Full tuition costs

Funding: Fuqua and the Fuqua Annual Fund

Criteria: Academic excellence, strong commitment to improving communities through leadership and service

University Scholars

The University Scholars Program fosters interdisciplinary fields of study, service, and extracurricular activities among students who share an excitement for original research, collaborative thinking, and innovative scholarship

Award: One-half to full tuition costs

Funding: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Criteria: Outstanding innovative students with wide interdisciplinary interests and commitments

The Manning Scholarship

The Manning Family Scholarship in Health Care Business Leadership addresses the growing need for business and policy leadership in health care by supporting students of immense potential for health care leadership

Award: Full tuition costs

Funding: The Manning Family Foundation

Criteria: Commitment to a health care management and policy career, with strong academic credentials, leadership potential, and the capability of transforming health care 

Specialized Academic Scholarships

Health Care

Featured award: Manning Family Scholarship in Health Care Business Leadership – full tuition for students committed to a health care management and policy career who are capable of improving health care

Additional awards

  • Bovender Family/HCA Minority Scholarship Fund
  • Ray E. Brown Scholarship
  • Ernst and Young Health Care Scholarship
  • James R. Felts Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles H. Frenzel Health Administration Scholarship
  • Thomas F. Frist, M.D. Merit Scholarship
  • Health Administration Alumni Scholarship
  • Richard and Mamie Howerton Scholarship
  • Ludwig & Sophie M. Jaeger Scholarship
  • J. Alexander McMahon Scholarship in the Health Sector Management Program
  • Marshall I. and Sarah W. Pickens Scholarship
  • William A. and Marion F. Schultz Scholarship
  • ServiceMaster Scholarship
  • Robert E. Toomey Scholarship in Health Administration

Social Impact

Featured awards: CASE Social Sector Scholarship, Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship

  • CASE Social Sector Scholarship – one-quarter to full tuition for students who have non-profit experience and intend to return to a social sector career after graduating
  • Coverdell Peace Corps Fellowship -- one-quarter tuition for students who have satisfactorily completed service in the U.S. Peace Corps and who engage in community service while enrolled at Fuqua

Additional awards

  • Segal Americorps
  • Rex and Ellen Adams Loan Assistance Program
  • Charles & Elizabeth Burgess Scholarship
  • Al J. Petrone Scholarship

Diversity Scholarships

Fuqua values the unique perspectives that each of our students bring to team projects and class discussions. Through our partnerships with external organizations, and the generous support of alumni, other members of the Fuqua community, foundations, and corporations, we are able to provide merit scholarships for students who bring a diversity of background and of experience to the Fuqua community.


Featured awardForté Fellowships– partial to full tuition awarded to women leaders who demonstrate academic excellence, teamwork, and community leadership and involvement. In addition to the scholarship, Fellows have opportunities for leadership training, networking, and corporate interactions

Additional awards:

  • Harshavardhan V. Agadi Scholarship
  • Julie & Eric Hession Scholarship
  • Mary R. Few Memorial Scholarship
  • Nathani Family Scholarship
  • Paula Tipton Takacs Memorial Scholarship
  • Textron Scholarship

Underrepresented Minorities

Featured awardPOSSE Fellowship – full tuition awarded to students from diverse backgrounds who intend to become future business leaders, are eligible for a Fuqua merit scholarship, and who have successfully completed the Posse Fellow Program

Additional awards:

  • Rex and Ellen Adams Scholarship
  • Susan S. and David S. Bagwell Minority Scholarship
  • Bovender Family/HCA Minority Scholarship
  • Fuqua Alumni Minority Scholarship
  • J. Alexander McMahon Scholarship in the Health Sector Management Program
  • Pamela S. Rodriguez and Carlos Jose Rodriguez-Peyton Scholarship
  • Charles T. Smith, Jr./KPMG Peat Marwick Scholarship
  • Textron Scholarship

International Students

Featured awards: FUNED Scholarship, COLFUTURO Scholarship

  • Fundación Mexicana para la Educación, la Tecnología y la Ciencia (FUNED Scholarship) – awarded to a student who is a Mexican citizen who wishes to pursue a master’s degree abroad
  • COLFUTURO – awarded to student who is a Columbian citizen pursuing a high quality postgraduate study program abroad

Additional awards

  • Harshavardhan V. Agadi Scholarship
  • L. Alvarez Scholarship
  • Bandeen Family Fuqua International Scholarship
  • Myra and William Waldo Boone Scholarship
  • European Regional Advisory Board Scholarship
  • Nathani Family Scholarship
  • Pamela S. Rodriguez and Carlos Jose Rodriguez-Peyton Scholarship
  • Blair H. Sheppard Scholarship
  • Tandon Family Scholarship
  • Tapia Family Clover Infotech Scholarship
  • Textron Scholarship
  • Wu Family Scholarship

LGBTQ Community

Featured award: Reaching Out LGBTQ MBA (ROMBA) Fellowship – partial to full tuition awarded to students who demonstrate LGBTQ leadership and intend to engage with on-campus LGBTQ initiatives

Members of the Military

Featured awardYellow Ribbon – Fuqua offers an unlimited number of Yellow Ribbon awards to eligible veterans (as determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs) pursuing their MBA.

Additional awards

  • SusanKelly and William B. Haskett III Scholarship
  • Ruth and Harry Kiefer Scholarship
  • Lees Family Scholarship

General Scholarships

These scholarships have been established by our donors to support students of great promise. They are awarded based on more general criteria, such as their backgrounds, interests, talents, and passions.

Merit scholarship recipients will be notified in early fall of their enrollment year, if their merit scholarship has received a named designation. These named designations are based on criteria established by the donor, corporation, or foundation.

  • Rex Adams Scholarship
  • Bun Albert & Dr. Eli Shapiro Family Scholarship
  • Darren & Mary Pat Alcus Scholarship
  • Allen Family Scholarship
  • Alliance One International, Inc. Scholarship
  • Hirni & Tarang Amin Family Scholarship
  • Lawrence H. Anderson Scholarship
  • Baggett Family Scholarship
  • Bank of America Endowed Scholarship
  • Batra Family Scholarship
  • Katherine Joklik Bayne & Samuel Gamble Bayne Scholarship
  • W. Joseph and Diane Biggers Scholarship
  • Martin L. Black, Jr. Fellowship
  • Bosek Family Scholarship
  • Douglas K. Bratton Scholarship
  • Douglas T. Breeden Scholarship
  • Burlington Industries Scholarship
  • F. Calabrese Scholarship
  • Calhoun/Arnold Family Scholarship
  • Chase Manhattan Scholarship
  • Cioffi Family Scholarship
  • Lawrence S. and Anne M. Clark Scholarship
  • Fuqua Class of 1987 Scholarship
  • Fuqua Class of 1988 Scholarship
  • Cline-Kulynych Scholarship
  • Julian U. Connally Scholarship
  • Walter Albert and Bertha Barefoot Corbett Memorial Scholarship
  • Cuffe Family Scholarship
  • De Persgroep Scholarship
  • Robert L. Dickens Scholarship
  • Sheryle Dirks Scholarship
  • Donald R. Draughon Scholarship
  • Electrolux Scholarship
  • Mike and Jill Elia Scholarship
  • Martin F. C. Emmett/Tambrands Scholarship
  • Hansen-Estruch Scholarship
  • Euteneuer Family Scholarship
  • Feeser Family Scholarship
  • Thomas M. and Heather S. Finke Scholarship
  • Larry L. and Dorothy A. Fobes Scholarship
  • Marsland Foussé Family Global Scholarship
  • Thomas Foussé Scholarship
  • Fuqua School of Business Dean's Discretionary Endowment Fund II Scholarship

  • Fuqua Scholarship Fund Established 2007
  • Scott H. & Jane Heist Gamber Scholarship
  • Robert A. and Annie Lewis J. Garda Scholarship
  • Elizabeth W. & James G. Gereghty Jr. Scholarship
  • Hain Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Carol and Watts Hamrick Scholarship
  • P. Huber Hanes Scholarship
  • James G. Hanes Memorial Scholarship
  • Helen A. Hardy Memorial Scholarship
  • Liz Riley Hargrove Scholarship
  • Gerald L. and Anita-Agnes Hassell Scholarship
  • Ryan Healey Scholarship
  • Karl and Nancy Hemmerich Fellowship
  • Patrick J. and Judith E. Henry Scholarship
  • Hirsch Family Scholarship
  • Vivian Edward Hollinshed Scholarship
  • Holmes Karcher Scholarship
  • Edward A. Horrigan, Jr. Business Scholarship
  • JBW KLP Scholarship
  • Catherine Jefferson Foundation Scholarship
  • Alyson & Henry Johnson Scholarship
  • Robert & Sharon Joyce Scholarship
  • Ery Kehaya Leadership Scholarship
  • Thomas Crafton Keller Memorial Fund
  • L. Kevin Kelly Family Scholarship
  • Jack L. Klinck, Jr. Scholarship
  • William A. and Anne L. Klopman Scholarship
  • Christian B. Larsen Memorial Scholarship
  • Carol And Timothy Lowe Scholarship
  • Lyons Family Scholarship
  • Wesley A. Magat Memorial Scholarship
  • Walter and Marjorie Manley Scholarship
  • Mead Scholarship in Business Administration
  • Helen A. & Bruce C. Miller Scholarship
  • Nan Gray and Albert C. Monk III Scholarship
  • James H. Moshovitis Scholarship
  • Paul and Wendy Nagle Scholarship
  • Ronald L. and Liane S. Nicol Scholarship
  • Norfolk Southern Corporation Scholarship
  • North Carolina Treasury Management Association Scholarship
  • Pausic & Porio Families Scholarship
  • Lisa Payne & Scot Karr Scholarship
  • John and Hillary Peruzzi Scholarship
  • Pierson Family Scholarship
  • Georgiana and Ira Platt Scholarship

  • Stephen Knight Pond Scholarship
  • Patricia A. & Salvatore V. Porio Scholarship
  • J. Michael Prince & Family Scholarship
  • Truby G. Proctor, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Judith N. and Richard C. Ranson Business Scholarship
  • Scott A. Reilly Scholarship
  • Mark & Kim Reuss Scholarship
  • Richards MBA Scholarship
  • Richards Daytime MBA Scholarship One
  • Richards Daytime MBA Scholarship Two
  • Howard C. Ris Scholarship
  • Thomas B. Roller Scholarship
  • Rollins Scholarship
  • Jonathan and Lilli Roth Scholarship
  • Sacerdote Family Scholarship
  • SAP Scholarship
  • Scully Family Scholarship
  • Catharine A. and Daniel M. Searby Scholarship
  • Naomi & Adam Shapiro, MBA Class Of 1992 Scholarship
  • Shean Family Scholarship
  • John and Susan Shimp Scholarship
  • Mark A. Spreen Scholarship
  • Star & Winer Graduate Business School Scholarship
  • Michalis & Alejandra Stavrinides Scholarship
  • J. Paul Sticht Fellowship
  • Andrew & Anne Stock Scholarship in Business
  • Connie Swarts Scholarship
  • Joseph R. Swedish Scholarship
  • Team Fuqua Leadership Scholarship
  • Thanksgiving Foundation Scholarship
  • Thomas And Vanusa Scholarship
  • Triplett Family Scholarship
  • Ann Williams Vander Weide Scholarship
  • Herman and Johanna Vander Weide Scholarship
  • Kathleen Kaylor and G. Richard Wagoner, Jr. Fellowship
  • Rodney Lee Waite Scholarship
  • Teresa and Tim Walsh Scholarship
  • Bernie B. Welch Memorial Scholarship
  • Wise Family Scholarship
  • Kurt & Sandra Witte Scholarship In Business
  • Edward Wooster Scholarship
  • K. C. Wu Scholarship

Loan Assistance Programs

Loan Assistance is offered to qualified Daytime MBA alumni who are pursuing post-MBA careers in fields such as non-profits, government organizations, certified B-Corporations, or start-ups where the burden of student loans is greater because of more limited earnings potential.

  • Rex and Ellen Adams Loan Assistance Program - funded by the F. M. Kirby Foundation, this program provides financial assistance in the form of loan forgiveness awards to Fuqua Daytime MBA alumni who work full-time for eligible nonprofit and government organizations
  • The Fuqua Entrepreneurship Loan Assistance Program – supporting Fuqua alumni who intend to pursue an entrepreneurial career.