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The Duke Accelerated Daytime MBA program offers many exciting and compelling opportunities to develop your abilities beyond the classroom. From pitching venture capital for your start-up to developing a marketing strategy for a Fortune 500 product to serving on a local nonprofit board, you’ll be able to strategically choose opportunities that suit your career goals and stimulate your mind.

You’ll have the chance to apply theory to real-world experiences, refine your leadership skills, and collaborate with other students to build on each other’s strengths—all while putting new industries and new ideas to the test.

Explore our experiential learning opportunities.

Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum Deloitte

Explore the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum

GATE in China

Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE)

Are you interested in learning about the many facets of a country and then experiencing it firsthand? As part of the GATE program, you’ll study the business, culture, economy, and politics of a region for 6 weeks. Then you’ll travel to the area and visit multinational corporations, local enterprises, government agencies, partner schools, and alumni. Along the way, you’ll get to see historic landmarks, taste regional cuisine, and get to know local families.

Previous GATE students have:

  • Met with the tourism minister in Botswana to discuss how he's trying to diversify his country’s economy
  • Visited Argentinean wineries to understand the trade and shipping challenges of competing in a global market

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Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP)

Are you interested in a hands-on consulting experience? FCCP spans a full range of business functions and industries, including small businesses, nonprofits, global corporations, and social entrepreneurs in markets all across the globe.

Previous FCCP students have:

  • Helped NGOs empower street vendors and build schools in India
  • Assisted a health food company in developing a growth strategy
  • Developed business models for a sustainable energy company

Learn about FCCP

MBA Students in the Program for Entrepreneurs

Program for Entrepreneurs (P4E)

Do you want to create a new commercial or social venture? P4E is a participatory learning environment for anyone interested in creating a new social or commercial venture. As a member of a multidisciplinary team, you’ll explore potential markets for innovation, evaluate the viability of a business model, and develop strategies for bringing the new venture to market.

Previous P4E students have:

  • Started companies that make Wii games for children with autism
  • Commercialized a system for manufacturing tiny silicone spheres to improve anti-aging cosmetics
  • Developed medical devices for people with glaucoma

Discover P4E

Fuqua on Board

Fuqua on Board

Is one of your ambitions to serve on a board of directors? As part of Fuqua on Board, you’re matched with local nonprofit organizations and have the chance to serve as a non-voting board member. You’ll gain valuable insight into the governance and inner workings of nonprofit organizations, while providing the nonprofits with fresh perspectives and critical business skills.

Previous Fuqua on Board students have:

  • Conducted desk research and site visits to explore new areas of growth for a nonprofit
  • Evaluated earned income strategies and investment opportunities
  • Created a new financial model to improve planning and cost tracking

Explore Fuqua on Board

Independent Study

Do you want to dive deeper into a single topic? Through the independent study program, you have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member to pursue a project of interest to you.

Previous independent study students have:

  • Prepared a business plan to spin off a for-profit subsidiary of a nonprofit
  • Created a new way for NBA coaches to evaluate their players and maximize the use of individual players
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