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We hope the below information answers the questions you have about Duke Executive Education programs. If you have remaining questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I register for a program?

Please see Registration Instructions for details.

When will I receive information regarding the program schedule, pre-readings, and logistics?

This information will be sent to you by one of our program managers approximately 1-2 weeks before the program start date.

 What will I receive upon completion of my program?

You will receive a certificate of completion from Duke's Fuqua School of Business, signed by the Duke MBA Dean.   

Do any of the programs provide credit towards a degree?

No. Duke Executive Education offers non-degree, standalone programs focused on specific business topics. Participants receive a certificate signed by the Dean upon program completion.

What is the Certificate of Leadership & Management?

The Certificate of Leadership & Management is a customized learning program that equips you with a solid grounding in leadership, management, and other business skills. The program enables you to choose from electives in: management, communication, negotiation, finance, decision-making with data, and health care.

  • Core Leadership Foundation (required): Duke Leadership Program (includes Executive Coaching and Professional Development Plan)
  • Elective Programs (selection of three courses with a total value equal to 3 electives required)



Business Negotiaion Skills

Business Negotiation Skills

Communication for Leaders

Communication for Leaders in the Digital Age

Data-Driven Decision Making

Drug Development, Reimbursement, and Regulation

Duke Management Program

Duke Management Program

Financial Analysis for Non-Finance Leaders

Financial Analysis for Non-Finance Leaders

Leading Business Strategy through Operational Excellence

Inclusive Communication: Fostering Belonging

Navigating Health Care Trends Leadership, Diversity, and Race
  Leading Business Strategy through Operations Excellence
  Navigating Health Care Trends
  Women Leaders: Elevating Infulence and Impact


Is there a timeframe for completion?

Yes, you must complete the core leadership program and three additional elective offerings within a three-year period. The timeframe for completion begins with the start date of your first completed program.


Do I have to complete programs in a specific order?

No, you can take the required programs in any order within a three-year period.


May I earn academic credits toward a degree if completing the Certificate of Leadership & Management?

No, all programs required for completion are non-degree, open enrollment offerings.


What are the benefits of completing the Certificate of Leadership & Management?

Participants who earn the Certificate of Leadership & Management will:

  • Develop skills/strengths in addition to the ones they have already, expanding their own knowledge base and marketability.
  • Learn from top-ranked Fuqua School of Business faculty in the courses that address their own professional development needs.
  • Network with program participants from diverse industries, roles, geographies, and backgrounds.
  • Signal their professional development by promoting the completion of the Duke Certificate of Leadership & Management on social media, CV’s and resumes.
  • Receive monthly electronic newsletters with information on Fuqua faculty research, events, and programs
  • Gain membership to the private Executive Education LinkedIn Group
  • Earn multiple certificates signed by the Dean of The Fuqua School of Business

How do I apply?

To apply, please email us at


What is the cost?

After attending their first Duke Executive Education program, participants qualify for a 25% discount on in-person program enrollments and a 200 USD reduction for virtual program enrollments. To calculate the total cost of the certificate program, add the full cost of your first course, plus the cost of the three remaining courses factoring in the appropriate discount. Please contact our team at if further clarification is required.


Will this certificate count as part of my education hours required for my designation (e.g. CPA, Actuary)?

No, this certificate is an Executive Education certificate, and does not contribute towards set designations.


What if several members from my organization are interested in pursuing this certificate?

Our client manager can work with you to create a feasible schedule for your team. We encourage organizations to invest in as many high potential and current leaders as possible. To discover how your organization can qualify for a 30% discount on each enrollment, contact our client manager at

Where is the nearest airport?

The closest airport, Raleigh-Durham International (RDU), is located approximately 15 miles from Durham, NC. When making travel arrangements, you should allow at least 25-30 minutes travel time between the airport and Duke University.

 What transportation is available to and from the airport?

Travel to the conference center is your responsibility. There are several options available for ground transportation from the airport: shuttle, van, limousine, taxi, Uber, and rental car. For a more extensive list, visit the RDU website for additional transportation information.

 How do I get around once I arrive?

Most amenities are available on campus or within walking distance. For longer trips, local taxi service is available.

Is parking available on campus?

Parking will be available at the conference center.

What should I wear to class?

  • Business casual attire is appropriate for most program sessions. It is recommended that you bring a light jacket for use in the classroom, as it is sometimes difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature for everyone.
  • Comfortable clothing and footwear is also recommended for some program offerings featuring experiential exercises. 
  • There are numerous recreational facilities available for your use during your stay. Please bring appropriate gear if you would like to take advantage as time permits.

Can I bring my partner?

Due to the rigorous daily schedule, we do not recommend inviting family or friends to join you on campus.


How can I stay in contact with others from the Executive Education program I attend?

A private LinkedIn group is available for all Executive Education Past Participants to stay connected.

How can I stay in contact with Duke Executive Education?

You can email us anytime at We are always happy to hear about your career development and how the programs have impacted you, your team, and your organization. Please use this email address to send any contact updates. Please follow Duke Executive Education and our faculty on LinkedIn.

Also stay up to date by following Duke University's Fuqua School of Business on Facebook and Twitter. Past participants will also receive Duke Executive Education newsletters or email updates.

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