It’s a marathon, run in sprints

Here’s how to earn the Duke MBA without uprooting your entire life: our Global Executive format combines short in-person residencies with distance learning periods. Each term starts with a reading period to prep you for residency—a 24/7 immersion with teammates and faculty—and finishes with time spent working together remotely.

Traveling campus

Class convenes first in Durham, North Carolina, over a 2-week orientation session in late July. Then your classroom starts to move—through Asia, Latin America, and Europe, where you’ll gather for 1-week residencies in October, January, April, and June, with each residency preceded and followed by distance learning periods. At the end of September of your second year, you’ll return to Duke for a final 2-week residency. The intense format ensures you’ll experience the total immersion of a traditional MBA program while continuing to work and live wherever you call home.

A special way of working

Fuqua’s difference comes from the way we structure our MBA programs: as learning teams. You’ll be assigned to a team of 5-6 peers who all think differently. The experience mimics the diversity of a real-world global team, where you work across time zones and different perspectives. You’ll need to learn to trust and rely on each other’s strengths, gaining practice in skills that will help you move any team forward.

Our Faculty

All Fuqua degree programs are taught by the same world-renowned faculty, who are recognized for excellence in both teaching and research. While our faculty are known for their accessibility across degree programs, the Global Executive format fosters an even closer relationship. Traveling and living together for international residencies, you’ll interact with your professors both in and out of the classroom. And since your distance learning platform is always on, your faculty are monitoring class bulletin board discussions and responding to emails continuously.

Classroom Dynamics

Your classmates will bring real-time expertise to class discussions. While extensive reading assignments get you ready, debate and analysis—both in the classroom and on your learning platform—is how you’ll learn. The case-based curriculum is academically rigorous, and faculty keep you on your toes with random "cold calls" as you work through the material.

Experiential Learning

You’ll go out into the field to gather real-world data points. The Global Executive MBA curriculum includes a range of non-traditional assignments—like interacting with locals—that get you out of your comfort zone. You’ll observe operations and meet with managers in company visits, developing insights on different industries. Senior leaders engage with your class in each country, providing perspective on that region’s political economy. These experiences enrich classroom discussion while giving you a real-world sense of the concepts you learn.

Over six terms you’ll cover 17 courses: 10 in the core curriculum, three multi-term courses on dynamics in global business, and four electives. Although locations and timing may shift between calendar years, the typical Global Executive structure looks like this:

Term 1 (Durham)

  • Distance Period (3 weeks)
  • Orientation & Residency (2 weeks)
  • Break (2 days)
  • Distance Period (6 weeks)

Term 2 (Santiago)

  • Distance Period (2 weeks)
  • Residency (8 days)
  • Break (8 days)
  • Distance Period (3 weeks)
  • Break (11 days)

Term 3 (Shanghai)

  • Distance Period (2 weeks)
  • Residency & Team Changeover (9 days)
  • Break (7 days)
  • Distance Period (6 weeks)
  • Break (4 days)

Term 4 (New Delhi)

  • Distance Period (2 weeks)
  • Residency (8 days)
  • Break (7 days)
  • Distance Period (7 weeks)
  • Break (4 days)

Term 5 (Berlin)

  • Distance Period (2 weeks)
  • Residency (8 days)
  • Break (1 day)
  • Distance Period (7 weeks)
  • Break (9 days)

Electives Term 6 (Durham)

  • Distance Period (3 weeks)
  • Residency (2 weeks)
  • Break (2 days)
  • Distance Period (10 weeks)

Optional Term 7


In the Global Executive format, you travel to meet classmates and professors in cities that become your campus for the week. Four of your residencies will be in cities selected to provide wide exposure to the global economy, while two residencies take place on Fuqua’s campus in Durham, North Carolina. Locations may vary based on travel restrictions, but the typical pattern looks like this:

Condensed into a short window, residency is the time you immerse fully in your program:

  • Attending classes
  • Visiting companies
  • Engaging in cultural activities
  • Participating in career development workshops
  • Interacting with alumni
  • Working on assignments
  • Socializing with classmates
  • Meeting face-to-face with your team

Distance Learning

Between residencies, you’ll be in a distance learning period. During this part of the term, you attend weekly virtual classes with your faculty and continue working on team assignments remotely. Distance learning periods provide more flexibility to balance program requirements around the needs of your job and family. While you should expect to spend at least 20 hours a week on schoolwork during this time, you can schedule these tasks around work and personal commitments.

Throughout the program you’ll use your distance learning platform to:

  • Submit assignments
  • Download course materials
  • Chat with classmates
  • Read class and team bulletin boards
  • Take exams
  • Contribute to course discussion boards
  • Share documents
  • Call your teammates

* Arrival day — lodging covered by program.
** Departure day from residency — no programming scheduled.

TERM 1 - Durham (2018)
Reading Period/Classes Begin June 29 - July 21
Residency July 22* - August 5**
Break August 6 - 13
Distance August 14 - September 24
Break September 25 - 27


TERM 2 - Shanghai (2018)
Reading Period/Classes Begin September 28 - October 17
Residency October 18* - October 28**
Break October 29 - November 5
Distance November 6 - December 17
Break December 18 - 27


TERM 3 - Santiago (2018-2019)
Reading Period/Classes Begin December 28 - January 16
Residency (includes team changeover) January 17* - 27**
Break January 28 - February 4
Distance February 5 - March 18
Break March 19 - 21


TERM 4 - New Delhi (2019)
Reading Period/Classes Begin March 22 - April 10
Residency April 11* - 21**
Break April 22
Distance April 23 - June 3
Break June 4 - 6


TERM 5 - Berlin (2019)
Reading Period/Classes Begin June 7 - 26
Residency June 27* - July 7**
Break July 8 - 15
Distance July 16 - August 26
Break August 27 - 29


TERM 6 - Durham (2019)
Reading Period/Classes Begin August 30 - September 12
Residency September 13 - 28
Break September 29 - 30
Distance October 1 - December 9


TERM 7 - Optional Concentration (2020)
Optional Concentration January - April 1, 2020
Degree Conferral December 30, 2019 
Graduation Ceremony May 9 - 10, 2020 (tentative date)


Global Executive Quick Facts

Start Date: July 2018
Duration: 17 months
Location: Global
Style: Cohort-based
Curriculum: General management, with 5 concentrations and 1 certificate
Format: Residency and distance learning

Program Location and Accommodations

JB Duke Hotel
During your time in Durham, you’ll live and learn in the four-star JB Duke Hotel, a contemporary and tranquil retreat on Duke’s campus with state-of-the-art learning facilities.

Asia / India

On Location in New Delhi

Global Executive MBA students celebrate Holi in New Delhi
Taking a break from Decision Models to celebrate the festival of colors in India. Holi is a great example of why each residency experience is unforgettable.

Sample Residency Day 1

Breakfast and review accounting notes
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Class: Managerial Accounting
8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Guest speaker: China Business Council
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Lunch with speaker
12:15 PM  - 1:15 PM

Class: Operations Management
1:15 PM  - 4:15 PM

Class: Global Markets & Institutions
4:30 PM  - 6:30 PM

Dinner with friends in Shanghai
6:45 PM  - 7:45 PM

Team meeting for operations assignment
8:00 PM  - 10:00 PM

Connect with family and prep tomorrow's cases
10:00 PM  - 12:00 AM

Sample Residency Day 2

City walk and breakfast
6:30 AM - 7:30 AM

Class: Global Markets & Institutions
7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

Class: Operations Management
8:45 AM - 10:45 PM

Class: Managerial Accounting
11:00 AM  - 1:00 PM

Box lunch and visit to auto factory
1:30 PM  - 5:00 PM

Team meeting for accounting assignment
5:30 PM  - 7:00 PM

Working dinner with team at hotel
7:00 PM  - 8:00 PM

Optional Chinese acrobat show
8:00 PM  - 9:00 PM

Socialize with classmates
9:00 PM  - 11:00 PM