Two economies. Infinite possibilities.

The structure of the Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University program exposes you to the two most important economies in the world, providing a global launch pad. Starting on Fuqua’s campus in the U.S. and continuing your studies in China, you’ll gain a core understanding of business while developing the skills to build your career anywhere. 

Jumpstart your future

The 10-month format gives you a firm foundation fast. In late August your program starts in Durham, NC with a launch experience and set of workshops that prepare you for the curriculum. It’s an exhilarating introduction to the international peer group you’ll be working closely with—in your section, and on your learning team. 

The rest of your program is organized into 6-week terms. After starting the new year at Fuqua, you’ll move to Kunshan, China on Duke Kunshan University’s campus outside Shanghai. In less than a year, you’ll be ready to start your career in finance, marketing, consulting, or general management.

The program is delivered in English, and all classes are taught by Fuqua’s faculty.

Our Faculty

All Fuqua degree programs are taught by the same world-renowned faculty, scholars recognized for excellence in both teaching and research. The classes they teach are academically challenging and relevant to business today. Despite world-class credentials, your professors are highly accessible—with an open-door policy, they’re often happy to continue a classroom debate over coffee or lunch.

Team-Based Learning

Fuqua’s difference comes from the way we set up our MMS programs: as learning teams. You’ll be assigned to a small group representing a diversity of backgrounds, hand picked to ensure you learn from people who think differently than you. Replicating a corporate environment, your learning team works collaboratively on class assignments for the first three terms—giving you opportunities to learn and grow through shared problem solving and constructive debate. Teams reshuffle when you move to China, giving you the opportunity to practice your new collaboration skills with an entirely new set of classmates.

Over five terms you’ll complete 15 courses: six in accounting, economics, and finance; two in analytics and critical thinking; two in communication and leadership, and five in markets, strategy, and management. You’ll take multiple subjects each term, with each class meeting twice a week for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Your first three terms are taught on Duke’s campus in Durham, North Carolina, with your final two terms at Duke Kunshan University outside Shanghai.

Orientation and Workshops (Durham)

Summer Term (Durham)

  • Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Quantitative Business Analysis

Fall Term 1 (Durham)

  • Introduction to Marketing Analysis
  • Foundations of Capital Markets
  • Business Communications I
  • Fundamentals of Business Economics

Fall Term 2 (Durham)

  • Foundations of Corporate Finance
  • Fundamentals of Market Intelligence
  • Principles of Strategy

Spring Term 1 (Kunshan)

  • Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis
  • Business Communications II
  • Principles of Cost and Managerial Accounting

Spring Term 2 (Kunshan)

  • Foundations of Management and Organizations
  • Fundamentals of Financial Analysis
  • Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Month Date Event
August 2020

25 - 28

Business, Communication, and Culture [as required by Admissions]***

  24 - 27 Math Review Course [for required students only]
  28 Orientation [mandatory for all students]
  31 Accounting Review [strongly recommended for all students]
September 2020 2 First Day of Classes
  7 U.S. Labor Day [Classes in session]
  29 Summer Term classes end
October 2020 1 - 3 Summer Term exams
  7 MSTeM Elective class begins
  8 Fall Term 1 classes begin
November 2020 17 Fall Term 1 classes end
  19 - 21 Fall Term 1 exams
  30 Fall Term 2 classes begin
December  2020 19 WINTER BREAK BEGINS
January 2021 11 Fall Term 2 classes resume
  18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday [no classes]
  19 M/TH classes held on Tuesday
  20 T/F classes held on Wednesday
  29 Fall Term 2 classes end
February 2021 1-3 Fall Term 2 exams
  10 Team Changeover [mandatory for all students]
  11 Spring Term 1 classes begin
March 2021 23 Spring Term 1 classes end
  25 - 27 Spring Term 1 exams
March / April 2021 28 - 8 SPRING BREAK


Location: Kunshan, China

Month Date Event
April 2021 9 - 10 Arrive in Kunshan
  11 Program Relaunch
  12 Spring Term 2 classes begin
May 2021 28  Spring Term 2 classes end
June 2021 3 Class of 2021 MMS: DKU Commencement Ceremony

**Calendar subject to change**

***Also called International Student Bootcamp

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Month Date Event
July 2021

5 - 8

Business, Communication, and Culture [as required by Admissions]***

  5 - 8 Math Review Course [for required students only]
  9 Orientation [mandatory for all students]
  11 Accounting Review [strongly recommended for all students]
  12 Summer Term classes begin
August 2021 20 Summer Term classes end
  23 - 25 Summer Term exam period
September 2021 1 MSTeM Elective class begins
  2 Fall Term 1 classes begin
October 2021 12 Fall Term 1 classes end
  14 - 16 Fall Term 1 exams
  17 - 24 FALL BREAK
  25 Fall Term 2 classes begin
November 2021 24 - 26 THANKSGIVING BREAK
December 2021 7 Fall Term 2 classes end
  9 - 11 Fall Term 2 exams


Location: Kunshan, China

Month Date Event
January 2022 4 - 5 Arrive in Kunshan
  6 - 7 Orientation and Team Changeover (mandatory for all students)
  10 Spring Term classes begin
January - February 2022 25 - 9 Chinese New Year Break
April 2022 3 - 5 Chinese Qingming Holiday
April - May 2022 30 - 2 Chinese Labor Holiday
May 2022 Spring Term classes end
  13 Class of 2022 MMS: DKU Commencement Ceremony

**Calendar subject to change**

***Also called International Student Bootcamp

MMS: DKU Quick Facts

Start Date: July 2021
Duration: 10 months
Location: U.S. and China
Style: Cohort-based
Curriculum: Business fundamentals
Format: Full-time

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