Chad Gibson
“The future of healthcare will be cost-conscious, and this means problems with the current system need to be solved. This can only be done using data-driven answers that can prove economic viability and patient-outcome viability. I truly believe the intersection of these fields is where solutions will be found.”

MQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2018

My Program Track:

Health Care, Life Science Consulting

Prior Education:

North Carolina State University
Biological Sciences, 2017
Portland, Oregon

Why I Chose Fuqua

I chose Fuqua because the coursework and culture aligned perfectly with my aspirations. When looking into analytics, I could see the proliferation of data but also knew that the current industry was underachieving. Companies that successfully use analytics are those who have interdisciplinary leaders: people who understand how the data works, but more importantly, how it can pose and answer questions in the context of their firm. This second part is where Fuqua holds a monopoly in the space. It is preparing analysts not only to make an impact early in career, but to be data-driven leaders within organizations later in their careers.

During Fuqua

I never expected the professors to be industry experts or be so accessible to students on everything from the subject matter to the job market. My professors have worked at Google, McKinsey, Facebook, and IBM; and I’ve had conversations with all of them regarding topics other than school.

After Fuqua

With Fuqua, I hope to acquire the interpersonal and leadership skills to really excel in my career going forward. Professionally, I want to discover my career passion and ultimately start myself on a path to make an impact in the health care industry.

My MQM Track

The strategy track of MQM is meant to teach us how analytics and functional initiatives can be aligned to accomplish the high-level goals within a firm.  Whether this be economic analysis to determine the causal impact of a certain variable on our firm’s performance, or strategic management to evaluate objectives, implement strategies, and then set data points to measure the outcome of these strategies, you will come out understanding how to develop strategies and solve problems related to the overall performance of a firm.

5 Random Things About Me

  1. Throughout college, I was involved with the Boys and Girls Club, as well as coaching golf at my old high school. Mentorship is a very underrated aspect of education and development, and I hope to ultimately carry a leadership position in an organization later in my career.
  2. All my family members are UNC-Chapel Hill alumni. I broke their heart when I decided to go to NCSU for undergrad and again when I chose to come to Fuqua for my masters. I am incredibly proud of my alma mater(s) and equally proud of the hatred I have developed for the terrible team in baby blue. I will always be glad to make the family gatherings a bit more awkward when it comes to talking sports.
  3. In my first 6 months at Fuqua, I can now say most of my closest friends are international and come from 7 countries - India, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Luxembourg, Argentina, and Thailand. I have truly seen the value of having a global perspective and it has opened me to consider working abroad for part of my life.
  4. My father played in the NHL and I have never once played in a hockey league - he thought the sport was too dangerous. Instead, he pushed me to play golf and while I love the sport, it is difficult explaining to everyone how golfers are still athletes.
  5. Fuqua's family culture is not just a motivational motto they tell you when you come in. Everyone I've interacted with, from current students to veterans in the field, has kept the Fuqua Family standard; and I am very excited to carry this culture into my career.
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MQM: Business Analytics

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Chad Gibson
MQM: Business Analytics

Chad Gibson

Class of 2018