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The Fuqua difference starts with the structure of our Daytime MBA program. Here, you’ll find opportunities to learn and grow by going outside your comfort zone—exploring classes and experiences that help you take initiative, push your limits, and develop the many different skills you’ll need for long-term success.

Getting started

Your journey begins with an intense month of orientation and immersion in a rigorous, hands-on program of three courses that emphasize leading and managing in an uncertain world. It’s designed to broaden your perspective, challenge the ways you think, and prepare you for 2 amazing years of MBA study.

The remainder of the academic year is organized into four 6-week terms of MBA classes that each meet twice a week for 2 hours and 15 minutes. The term structure allows you to take a wide variety of courses and choose electives sooner, which can better prepare you for your internship. 

Team up

All first-year students are assigned to a team of four to five peers with whom they will complete group projects for various courses. Your team will be hand-picked to allow you to learn from people who look, think, and work differently from you. You’ll learn to draw on each team member’s strengths and move the group toward a common purpose.

Go global

Every year hundreds of students gain exposure to international business through our Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE), Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP), or the study abroad program with top business schools in 28 different countries.

Our Faculty

All of our degree programs are taught by Fuqua’s top-ranked faculty, who are recognized for excellence in teaching and industry-shaping research. The courses they teach are academically challenging and relevant to the business world today. Despite world-class credentials, our faculty is highly accessible—they emphasize an open-door policy that encourages both collaboration with students and interdisciplinary thinking. Often, these teachers become your mentors for life.

Our Teaching Methods

Fuqua’s professors use lectures, case studies, strategic games, simulations, visiting executives, and their own research to create a dynamic learning experience that pushes you to think and work in new and different ways. The result? You get a deep and broad understanding of current business topics.

Making Theory Real

1. Case Studies

Case studies are real examples of corporate challenges that give you the opportunity to put theory to work. You gain industry knowledge and an appreciation for the management, operations, and leadership challenges that companies face every day.

2. Strategic Games

We've all played games before, but in an MBA classroom, they take on a whole new meaning. Fuqua teaches you to recognize patterns and understand the basic nature of games. You’ll learn to identify those that are happening around you and that you’re part of, so you can see the big picture, your options, and possible outcomes.

3. Realistic Simulations

The use of sophisticated business simulation teaches you how to run a company in a realistic business environment. You’ll get hands-on experience that goes way beyond what you’d learn in a textbook.

4. Research Centers

Our research centers are vital links between academic inquiry and real-world business. They create insights, dialogue, and curricula that change the course of business and enrich the Duke MBA student experience. Each research center draws on faculty from across Fuqua's academic areas, experienced practitioners, and students to address current business problems.

In the first year, students complete approximately 14 core courses and choose four or more electives.

  • Orientation (3 days)
  • Summer (4 weeks)
    • Core classes (3)
  • Fall 1 (6 weeks)
    • Core classes (5)
  • Fall 2 (6 weeks)
    • Core classes (4)
  • Winter
    • Optional elective workshop in Managerial Improvisation
  • Spring 1 (6 weeks)
    • Core class (1)
    • Electives (2)
  • Spring 2 (6 weeks)
    • Core class (1)
    • Electives (2)

In the second year, students take electives (typically three per term) that allow them to tailor their course of study to meet their educational and career objectives.

  • Re-orientation and Consequential Leadership II (4 days)
  • Fall 1 (6 weeks)
    • Electives (3)
  • Fall 2 (6 weeks)
    • Electives (3)
  • Spring 1 (6 weeks)
    • Electives (3)
  • Spring 2 (6 weeks)
    • Electives (3)
Month Date Event
July 2021 5 - 16 Business, Communications, and Culture Program [optional, unless required by Admissions]
  12 - 16 Math Review Course [optional, unless required by admissions]
  15 Business Computer Applications course opens, Online Modules [mandatory], first day of classes  
  17 CEI Innovator's Spark [optional]
  18 - 23 Health Sector Management (HSM) Boot Camp [required for HSM Certificate]
  27 International Student Welcome Day
  28 - 30 First Year Daytime MBA and Accelerated  Daytime MBA Orientation[mandatory]
August 2021 2 First Day of Classes for First Year MBA and Accelerated Daytime MBA Students

2 - 23

First Year MBA and Accelerated Daytime MBA Student Classes 
  14 Day in Durham [optional]
  24 First day of classes for Second Year Students [virtual, mandatory]
  24 - 27 First Year and Accelerated MBA exams and deliverables
  27 - 28 Pre-Term Accounting Review [optional]
  31 CMC Overviews [optional]
August - September 2021 31 - 1 Class of 2022 Second Year Re-Orientation & C-LEAD programming [in-person, mandatory]
September 2021 1 CMC Overviews [optional]
  2 Fall Term 1 classes begin
  22 Class of 2022 Second Year C-LEAD programming [in-person, mandatory]
October 2021 12 Fall Term 1 classes end
  14 - 16 Fall Term 1 exams
  17 - 24 FALL BREAK
  25 Fall Term 2 classes begin
November 2021 24 - 26 THANKSGIVING BREAK 
December 2021 7 Fall Term 2 classes end
  9 - 11 Fall Term 2 exams
January 2022 4 - 7 Managerial Improvisation Course [optional Winter Term]
  13 Spring Term 1 classes begin
  17 Martin Luther King Holiday [no classes]
  18 M/TH classes held on Tuesday
  19 T/FR classes held on Wednesday
February 2022 22 Spring Term 1 classes end
  24-26 Spring Term 1 exams
February - March 2022  27 - 13 SPRING BREAK
March 2022 14 Spring Term 2 classes begin
April 2022 22 Spring Term 2 classes end
  25 - 27 Spring Term 2 exams
May 2022 7 Class of 2022 Daytime MBA and Accelerated MBA Commencement Ceremony
  8 Class of 2022 Duke-wide Commencement Ceremony


Month Date Event
July 2022 11 - 22 Business, Communications, and Culture Program [optional, unless required by Admissions] 
  15 Business Computer Applications course opens, Online Modules [mandatory], first day of classes
  18 - 22 Math Review Course [optional, unless required by admissions]
  24 - 29 Health Sector Management (HSM) Boot Camp [required for HSM Certificate]
August 2022 1 CEI Innovator's Spark [optional]
  2 International Students Welcome Day
  3 - 5 First Year MBA Student (Class of 2024) Orientation
  8 First Day of Classes for First-Year Daytime MBA Students
  8 - 30 First Year Daytime MBA Student Classes [no classes on weekends]
Aug - Sept 2022 30 - 1 Class of 2023 C-Lead Course
  30 - 1 First Year Daytime Student Exams
September 2022

2 - 3

Pre-Term Accounting Review [optional]

6 - 7

Career Management Center Programming
October 2022 18 Fall 1 Session Ends
  20 - 22 Fall 1 Exams
  23 - 30 FALL BREAK
November 2022 23 - 25 THANKSGIVING BREAK
December 2022 13 Fall 2 Session Ends
  15 - 17 Fall 2 Exams
January 2023 9 - 13 Managerial Improvisation Course (optional Winter Term)
February 2023 28 Spring 1 Session Ends
March 2023 2 - 4 Spring 1 Exams
April 2023 28 Spring 2 Session Ends
May 2023 1 - 3 Spring 2 Exams
  13 Class of 2023 Daytime MBA Commencement Ceremony
  14 Class of 2023 Duke-wide Commencement Ceremony


Daytime MBA Quick Facts

Start Date: July 2023
Duration: 22 months
Location: Durham, NC
Style: Cohort-based
Curriculum: General management, plus 17 concentrations, 2 certificates, 1 track, and 5 dual degree options
Elective Options: 100+

Teamwork at Fuqua

Yes, this is business school.

Top Tip

Earn a STEM-designated Track Credential (MSTeM)

International students who meet certain requirements may have a total of up to 36 months to gain work experience in the U.S.
Day in the Life of a Fuqua Daytime MBA Student

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