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Global Network

Our regional directors describe how they help you to become a better global business leader by providing engaging, insightful, and sometimes unexpected experiences.

As a student, you will become part of a rich, culturally-diverse class from across the world — your classmates will become your friends and inspiration as you work through your MBA. You will also immediately have access to Fuqua's impressive alumni network of more than 19,000, but your network extends beyond your class and the Fuqua alumni community. A friend of Fuqua is a friend of yours, and we have some pretty impressive friends — individuals and companies committed to helping Duke (and you) succeed. 


The Cross Continent program boasts a diverse student body of young professionals with broad international experience. An important part of your education will come from the interactions you have with them, both in and out of the classroom.

A Typical Class Profile:

Average age: 30
Average work experience: 7 years
Minimum work experience: 3 years
Women: 29%
International citizenship: 30%
Countries represented: 28


As soon as you become a student at Fuqua, you will have access to Fuqua's alumni — leaders of consequence who live and work in every corner of the globe. They support their alma mater with their time, resources, and advocacy, and serve as a great resource for your career development and exploration.


Fuqua has many corporate friends — companies who engage with us on many levels by:

  • Recruiting our MBA graduates
  • Sponsoring their students, like you, in our MBA programs
  • Collaborating with faculty business research 
  • Supporting institutional programs and capital projects

Board of Visitors

Fuqua is governed by a Board of Visitors that advises the school on matters related to curriculum, programs, facilities, and operations while continuing to promote better communication and relationships in the business community. The team of nearly 70 board members directly impact the success of the school, and in effect, your success, by serving on active subcommittees and by facilitating relationships with key business and government entities around the world.

Duke University

Students are not only members of the Fuqua community, but also the larger Duke community. Duke has more than 148,000 alumni all over the world who range in age from 20 to 103. Upon graduation, you will automatically become a member of the Duke Alumni Association (DAA) where you will have access to all the benefits, programs, and services provided by DAA.