Amanda Wyzenbeek
“The most profound element of the Fuqua experience would have to be the relentless requirement to enter into an unknown world, complete with strangers of all industries, ethnicities, races, and religions - and then find common ground with the ultimate goal of delivering results beyond the capabilities of any individual in the room.”
Airport Design Manager
Sydney Airport

Global Executive MBA

Class of 2018

Prior Education:

University of New South Wales
Architecture, 2007
Sydney, Australia


Fuqua has taught me that the journey to leadership begins with leading my own emotions and frame of mind. I am now free to test my boundaries and embrace the ball of anxiety within me that the idea of leadership used to create. I have become more concise, genuine, and confident in articulating my thoughts and ideas.

The most significant aspect, which has affected my view on leadership and life, is the ability to place value on time as the only non-renewable resource. I have also gained the confidence to relinquish power as a sign of true maturity; the talented team behind this program has demonstrated how to lead with “confident humility.”

Before Fuqua

Before Fuqua, I worked at Sydney Airport as a Registered Architect. My duties included leading and supervising the performance and delivery of quality customer-focused spatial information services.

Within a few months of starting business school, Sydney Airport offered me a leadership role as Airport Design Manager. In this position I’ve had the opportunity to begin utilizing my Fuqua business and leadership experience in designing and organizing the largest expansion project for Sydney Airport this millennium.

After Fuqua

My plan is to continue learning and continue creating opportunities which challenge me, allow me to grow, and open the door to thriving career opportunities both with my current employer and beyond.

I intend to be a CEO within the construction industry, where I will have the opportunity to leverage my acquired credentials. I would also like to continue to mentor and empower young women in business.

5 Tips for Working in Teams

  1. Communication is the key. Keep your teammates informed at all times. You are not competing against your team members; they are running alongside you (and, at times, pushing or pulling you!).
  2. Be inclusive—and be VERY mindful of time differences. Rotate team meetings regularly to accommodate those on different time zones. This will help you appreciate the additional commitment and sacrifice those in the Southern hemisphere have to make to attend team meetings.
  3. Always celebrate your wins, differences, and diverse backgrounds with your teammates. Your “weakness” could be the strength needed to make the team work.
  4. Make an effort to know your team members in and out of the classroom and build trust with each other. Recognize that the best person to turn to may be on the other side of the world.
  5. Set clear goals and be accountable.

Global Executive MBA

Top Areas of Career Focus

Financial Services (20%)
Consulting (5%)
Sales/Business Development (5%)
Energy/Chemical/Gas (9%)
Marketing/PR/Advertising (6%)
Consumer Goods (3%)

Typical Class Demographics
Global Executive MBA

Age Range


Work Experience

5-20 years

Countries Represented




Non-US Citizenship

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Global Executive MBA

Amanda Wyzenbeek

Class of 2018
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