Jamie Seok, MSQM: BA  '23
“Building analytical models means nothing if results can’t be translated into business perspectives. With data, it’s hardly only about building models and creating dashboards. It’s about making good business decisions. Having a technical background, I really value the knowledge I gained at Fuqua in that respect."
Data Scientist, Analytics
Corning, Inc.

MSQM: Business Analytics

Class of 2023

Prior Education:

University of Pennsylvania
Computer & Information Science, 2005
Seoul, South Korea
South Korea


I love that my team comes from many different backgrounds and experiences, and we all have a passion for this program. One of my teammates and I majored in computer science, and the other two are from finance and consulting. We help each other with our strengths and expertise in different courses. I love to hear my team’s different perspectives and learn from them, and to help teammates in areas where I excel. Outside of coursework, this is a good chance to learn about diversity and multifaceted approaches. It’s rare to work with people with such diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Before Fuqua

Currently, I'm a data scientist in the corporate finance team. I analyze business data such as sales, gross margin,and product shipments, and build machine learning models to forecast various business metrics to help the business make better decisions.

After Fuqua

Leveraging previous academic and professional experience, analytics skills, and business knowledge gained at Fuqua, I’m looking forward to bridging the gap between technology and business to improve business performance, make better data-driven decisions, and derive strategic business plans.

The Benefits of an Online Degree

  1. It is great that I can pace my speed. During weekdays, I finish pre-recorded video lectures, read related articles, and do individual assignments and team assignments.
  2. I enjoy having the chance to interact with professors and classmates during weekend live classes.
  3. I love that I can take courses taught by excellent Fuqua faculty members without leaving home.