MMS: Duke Kunshan University Student Sibo Wang
“I am highly passionate about Fuqua's concept of supportive ambition, which is the idea that your success is my success. Team Fuqua makes me feel safe when I try to achieve ambitious goals, and I am not afraid to try new or risky things.”

MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Class of 2023
Financial Services

Prior Education:

Peking University
Finance, 2021
Hegang, China

Why I Chose Fuqua

After talking with several alums as I researched Fuqua, I learned that Team Fuqua is a community culture, while the teamwork emphasized by other business schools may be just a method of learning. The Team Fuqua spirit is a community culture. Support comes from the current students and the Fuqua staff, alums, and classmates. Students at Fuqua feel unconditional support for whatever paths they eventually decide to go down. I felt this Team Fuqua spirit would support me as I stepped out of my comfort zone to try new things.

Before Fuqua

In my previous internships at different investment banks, I have developed expertise in commercial due diligence and valuation modeling. To work as an investment banking analyst, one requires financial modeling capabilities and a deeper understanding of the global business market. These can be best achieved through the MMS program, which balances theoretical courses with practical opportunities.

After Fuqua

Upon graduation, I plan to secure a position as an investment banking analyst in a large Chinese securities firm, with a focus on the consumer goods and high-tech industries. Investment banking allows me to use the financial skills I acquired during my undergraduate studies as well as apply the fundamental business principles I learned at Fuqua. More importantly, I feel a strong sense of accomplishment when the deal is closed.

5 Things to Know About Fuqua Fridays

  1. When Mexican-style food is served it is so popular among students that they will stand in long lines for it. If you love tacos, don't miss it!
  2. Fuqua Fridays are often bundled with fun and unique activities. Once our entire community packed tens of thousands of meals for needy people in just one hour for Rise Against Hunger.
  3.  Our programs are intense and stressful, and celebrating the start of the weekend over a drink with partners going through the same struggles is a very effective way to decompress.
  4. Fuqua Fridays are a great cross-cultural event where you can chat with students from all different countries and feel the diversity within our community.
  5. You can enjoy a glass of aromatic beer for a different and unique taste every week.

What I Love About Durham

Ninth Street is my favorite area in Durham. This is a unique, walkable district with a rich history and a friendly neighborhood feel. Living on Ninth Street, I reap the rewards of this joyful experience daily. I have access to a vast array of incredible dining and shopping hotspots. On a Saturday afternoon, I can take my clothes to the dry cleaners, send a package, get a haircut, buy some groceries, relax with friends over coffee in the shade of an awning, and finally choose one of the diverse flavors of food for dinner. Referred to by the Herald-Sun as “Durham’s Greenwich Village,” Ninth Street is a cure for your shopping-mall blues.

Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University

Undergraduate Majors

Business/Accounting (51%)
Economics (22%)
Liberal Arts (14%)
Engineering/Natural Sciences (10%)
Other (4%)

Typical Class Demographics
MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Average Age


Average Work Experience

6 months or less

Countries Represented


Non-US Citizenship



MMS: Duke Kunshan University Student Sibo Wang
MMS: Duke Kunshan University

Sibo Wang

Class of 2023
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MMS: Duke Kunshan University

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