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Before Graduation

Graduation Credit Requirements for The Duke MBA—Daytime Program:

  • Successful completion of (or exemption from) all core courses.
  • Completion of at least 79 credits or 65 credits for joint degree students.
    • Note: Summer Curricular Practical Training participants do not count the 1 CPT credit towards graduation; therefore, they will earn a total of 80 credits.
  • A GPA of at least a 3.0
  • Total credits earned can be found on DukeHub.

Additional information can be found here.

Duke has provided an unconditional path for campus access to all graduating students for the purpose of attending the graduation celebration.

Vaccines are going to become available to students in NC on April 1 and the hope and expectation is that students will avail themselves of the opportunity and we will have a vaccinated population by May 15.

Note that the unconditional opportunity to come on campus only applies to the graduation event. The prior communication about baseline testing to attend classes in person and to attend any other co-curricular activities on campus in person still applies for those purposes.

As noted previously, the unconditional opportunity to come on campus only applies to the graduation event. Students who have not participated in baseline testing and surveillance on a regular basis will not be able to come to campus for any other purpose or at any other time. 

In order to attend  in person events other than the May 15 graduation event, full surveillance testing participation in Spring 2 is required and expected.

  • Full participation means that you will not miss more than 2 surveillance tests during the term. A third surveillance test will result in the loss of privileges to come on campus. The only exception to the loss of campus privileges will be to attend the graduation celebration.
  • To be in the surveillance testing system you must have had a baseline test since we restarted classes in January. The Spring 2 term starts on April 8. If you have been away from campus and not had a baseline test, the week of April 5-9 will be your last opportunity to get a baseline test and get into the surveillance testing system. If you are not present to baseline test by April 9, Duke and Fuqua will not be able to clear you to go into the surveillance testing necessary to be eligible to come on campus throughout the Spring 2 term.
    • All baseline tests must be arranged. Contact Sara Wakefield (sara.wakefield@duke.edu) for instructions to get a baseline test if you are returning to campus for Spring 2 and do not yet have a baseline test.
    • If you have previously contacted Sara about a baseline test and no longer wish to have that test, please let Sara know.

Earning your degree is a huge accomplishment! To help you show off your accomplishment, Duke University provides the opportunity for students to order diploma frames. If you'd like to place an order for a Fuqua or Duke diploma frame, please visit the Duke University Store's website here.

Fuqua will be managing a graduation apparel order for the Class of 2021 so we can cover the cost of your apparel. The apparel will be yours to keep after the graduation ceremony.

You can order apparel whether you plan to attend graduation or not. However, if you plan to attend the graduation event on May 15 in Cameron Indoor Stadium, you MUST HAVE GRADUATION APPAREL. 

To participate in this Fuqua order, you will need to be able to come to campus to pick up your apparel (or have a proxy with campus access pick up for you).  We will not be able to ship apparel to anyone.

Please fill out the order form carefully to make sure you select the correct size gown. Deadline to order is Monday, April 12, 11:59pm.    

Please review the Technical Support Center's information for graduating students which provides answers to your Fuqua network, email, and file access questions. This website outlines all steps you should take to secure your IT information and resources before graduation, guidance on the timing of when you will lose access to various resources, and what resources are available to you as an alum. 


Graduation Day

As of now, we are not permitted to not have guests in Cameron Indoor Stadium. We are working with Duke to determine if guests can be permitted to view your celebration at a different location on campus. We will update you as soon as possible. Regardless of the on-campus permissions, your guests will be able to access the livestream of the celebration. Reminder: Only Fuqua students, faculty and staff are allowed to enter the Fuqua building.

 Diplomas will be mailed to you at the address you submit in DukeHub. Diplomas are expected to be mailed out around June 10, 2021.  The link for your digital diplomas is emailed in the same time frame. Domestic diplomas should arrive 1-3 weeks after mailing. International diplomas should arrive 2-6 weeks after June 10.  If you have changes after May 22nd, please email them to registrar-info@fuqua.duke.edu

We will mail certificates for HSM, MSTEM Second Major, CAEF and Fuqua Scholar separately from the diplomas.  We will use the Degree Address in DukeHub.

If you are not sure what address your address will be after May 29, please provide the address of a parent, sibling or friends who is willing to receive your diploma and get it safely to you.


After Graduation

The Development & Alumni Relations team, in partnership with many other areas of Fuqua, created a checklist of activities to complete as a recent graduate. This website is currently undergoing revisions and will be updated soon. For now, please visit the Fuqua Alumni website to learn about being an alumnus.

To request a copy of your transcript or degree verification, please visit the University Registrar website.