All your action items related to Graduation.

Class of 2021, this is your list, adapted courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your remaining action items are updated and listed below.  Take a moment to learn about the resources avialable to you and the tasks at hand.

CRITICAL: You must complete these items before you leave Fuqua and/or to graduate.

Apply for Graduation and submit your diploma name via Duke Hub

Confirm or update your concentration(s) details on FuquaWorld. Please contact for questions. 

Detailed information on graduation requirements can be found here. The Fuqua Registrars audit all student records and will contact you directly if they see impediments to you graduating. If you do not receive an email from the Registrars about missing requirements, etc., you are on track to graduate. In this case, no news is good news. If you want to confirm you’ve met all graduation requirements, email

You will not receive your diploma or transcripts if you have a balance due.  If you are experiencing financial hardship due to unforseen impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and are worried about your bursar bill, please contact us ( .

You must return any library items to avoid issues with graduating or requesting transcripts.


  • Visit a Library Dropbox: Students can return items to an outdoor dropbox if they are able to get to campus before they graduate. There is an outdoor drop box in the Circle off of Fuqua Drive, between the entrance to Keller East and West, on the wall of Keller East, just outside of the Fox Center. There is also a dropbox outside of Perkins Library between Perkins and Bostock against the wall of the Perkins side.
  • Mail your Return: If you are not in Durham, you may mail items back to the library at the mailing address below.  You can  check to see if you are eligible for a prepaid shipping label to mail your library item(s) by submitting this quick form

           Mailing address:


                 Attn: Access Services

                 Ford Library at the Fuqua School of Business

                 Duke University

                 100 Fuqua Drive, Box 90120

                 Durham, NC 27708

Worried about library fines? Ford Library is here for you. We have waived Ford Library fines since March 1. Worried about past Ford fines on your bursar bill?  Contact us at and we can find a solution that works for you.


If you've been using keys for the bike racks, storage areas, etc., please return them to the BMO by June 1.  Since no one can physically be at Fuqua right now, please mail any keys to the BMO. 

Mailing Address: 

Building Management Office

Duke Fuqua School of Business

100 Fuqua Drive, Box 90120

Durham, North Carolina, 27708-0120


IMPORTANT: These items may not be required to get your diploma, but completing them is an important part of your transition and Fuqua legacy. We strongly recommend you take the time to complete the tasks below.

Report your status and/or job offer(s) in the Fuqua Reporting Analytics Platform (RAP), which you can access on FuquaWorld (Fuqua RAP is located below the GTS tile) or directly at

Reporting your status helps you and your classmates in the following ways:

Reporting that you are employer-sponsored can help improve Fuqua's rankings and helps your currently-seeking classmates receive additional assistance more quickly.

Reporting all of your offers—including those you decline--provides both of the above benefits and also improves current & future Fuqua students' job searches and negotiations through better data.

Reporting that you are continuing to job search allows the CMC to more quickly contact you to offer assistance.

OPT: Find more information about OPT here. This process can take a long time, start as soon as you’ve accepted your job.

H1B: If you are an international student intending to participate in the Spring 2021 H1B lottery, more details on the process  can be found here on FuquaConnect. Note that the H1B letter request form will not open until March 2, 2021.  Check the MBA Digest for updates and details once the request form is open.

As a student, you most likely are accessing Microsoft Office through an Office 365 subscription. Before you graduate, make sure you have the “Graduation” or fully licensed copy of MS Office installed. If you don’t, the Office 365 subscription will expire and stop working after graduation (meaning you will need to buy the software at full retail!). For more information and a detailed how-to guide on how to confirm you have the permanent software license, please visit the TSC's website for graduating students.

Actions to take as you prepare to join the Fuqua Alumni Community:


AS INTERESTED: These items are not required but are recommended for their awesomeness. These items may enrich your final months at Fuqua, make your transition smoother, or increase your fun!



November 2021; 6 months after graduation.

Note: You may lose access to a particular course earlier if the instructor chooses to limit access to a specific time period.

DukeCard (i.e. building access, parking, printing/copying, etc.)

Typically, your DukeCard will become inactive within 3-5 days of Graduation.

Duke Box

Students will have the option to maintain their Box account upon graduation. The account can be transitioned to a personal Box account and will keep the allotted 50 GB of storage space.

Duke Email Account

May 2022.

Note: You can register to get an alumni Duke email address after you graduate.

Duke NetID/Password

Between 5 to 10 days after Graduation.

Fuqua H: Drive

September 30, 2021.


November 2021.

Gym Access

Immediately after Graduation.

Library Access

Access to library databases expires when your Duke NetID and password expire (typically 5-10 days after Graduation).

More information on library services available to Fuqua alumni can be found here.


August 31, 2021. 


November 2021.

Note: You may lose access to a particular recording earlier if the instructor chooses to limit access to a specific time period.


Further instructions on how to avoid losing access to your personal files or data can be found at the TSC’s website for graduating students.


Your parking permit is valid until August 15, 2021. You are not required to return it.