All your action items related to Graduation.

If you have not already done so, you and your guests should make hotel reservations now! A listing of local hotels is provided for your convenience. You can also visit the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau for additional area information and lodging options.

Confirm or update your concentration(s) details on FuquaWorld. Any changes must be made before April 3 at 5:00pm, after which no changes can be made to specializations on your record. Please contact for questions.

Report your job offer(s) and status in CareerBridge, which you can access at (Note the Accepted Job and Pending Job buttons at the bottom of the page.)

Doing so helps everyone in the following ways:

Reporting an accepted job or employer sponsorship helps the CMC provide assistance to your currently-seeking classmates faster and improves Fuqua’s rankings.

Reporting all of your offers—including those you decline—in the Pending Jobs section helps your current and future classmates know who is hiring Fuqua students and what to expect from those offers.

If you would like assistance with your job search, please contact to get connected to a CMC coach.

OPT: Find more information about OPT here. This process can take a long time, start as soon as you’ve accepted your job. If you need to request an OPT letter, the request form can be found here on FuquaConnect.

To help you share the exciting news of your graduation with family and friends, we've created a digital announcement for you to download and pass along. Note: this is not considered a formal invitation or ticket to attend graduation. As a reminder, tickets are not required for guest attendance at graduation.

If you wish to order personalized print announcements, visit Jostens to order personalized announcement packages.  

A full set of graduation apparel (Master's gown, hood, and cap with tassel) is required to participate in both the Fuqua ceremony on Saturday, May 13 and the Duke commencement event on Sunday, May 14. Ordering your apparel is your responsibility.

You have two options for ordering your graduation apparel:

  • Rent your apparel ($55):  Rent your Cap, Gown, & Hood (color: Drab) through the Net Impact Club to benefit the Summer Internship Fund. Rent your grad apparel here!  If you have further questions, please contact for additional information. Reservations must be made by March 1 to secure the $55 price; after March 2, the price will increase per the details on the rental form. You must complete your reservation request no later than April 10. After that date, NIC will no longer be accepting new rental requests in order to ensure we have adequate inventory.

Dual Degree Attire

If you are graduating as a dual degree student, you may have questions about what apparel to wear to the Fuqua ceremony. You can wear any Master's level gown, but you must wear the MBA hood and tassel during Fuqua's ceremony. You can opt to drap the other program's hood across your arm during Fuqua's ceremony, as suggested by the Duke University Bookstore's advice above.

Nominate a classmate to be the graduation speaker for the May 13th ceremony in Cameron Indoor Stadium by March 26 using the nomination form. 

Apply to graduate in DukeHub by the March 27 deadline. Refer to the email sent to you by the Fuqua Registrars on January 23 for detailed instructions.

You will need confirm your degree name in DukeHub.

This is the name that will appear on your diploma so be sure it is entered exactly as you want it to appear on your diploma. Note: first and last names are required fields. Middle name or initial is optional. If you add an initial, be sure to add a period “.” in the text box. DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS.

You also have the option to add a phonetic name when you update your degree name. Please take a moment to add this since it will help us pronounce your name correctly as you walk across the stage at your graduation ceremony.

Refer to the email sent to you by the Fuqua Registrars on January 23 for detailed instructions on how to make updates in DukeHub.

You will need to provide your degree mailing address in DukeHub.

This is the address where your diploma will be mailed after graduation. Diplomas are expected to be mailed in mid-May 2023.  The link for your digital diplomas is emailed to your Duke email address in the same time frame. Domestic diplomas should arrive 1-3 weeks after mailing. International diplomas should arrive 2-6 weeks after mailing.     

For those who earned certificates for HSM, MSTEM, CAEF and/or who received the Dean’s List or Fuqua Scholar honor, the celebratory document will be mailed, separate from your diploma, to your degree address by the end of May. 

If you are not sure what your address will be between mid-May to July, please submit a more permanent address of a parent, sibling, or friend into DukeHub who is willing to receive your diploma and get it safely to you. Refer to the email sent to you by the Fuqua Registrars on January 23 for detailed instructions on how to make updates in DukeHub. 

Best ways to connect to the Fuqua Alumni Community:

If you requested and were assigned a locker, please clean out your locker on or by April 24. Take all personal belongings home and recycle any papers that you do not want. The Daytime MBA Program Office will not be held responsible for any items left in your locker after May 20, 2023. If anything is left in the locker after May 20, it is assumed you don’t want the item(s). Anything left behind will be disposed of or donated to nonprofit organizations.

Detailed information on graduation requirements can be found on the Fuqua website. The Fuqua Registrars audit all student records and will contact you directly if they see impediments to you graduating. If you do not receive an email from the Registrars about missing requirements, etc., you are on track to graduate. In this case, no news is good news. If you want to confirm you’ve met all graduation requirements, email and request a degree audit.

There are no tickets required or limit on the number of guests you can bring to both the ceremony at Cameron Indoor Stadium and the celebration to follow at Fuqua.

However, we do ask that you RSVP for the Fuqua celebration here to let us know how many guests you will bring with you via this form. This information will help us ensure a smooth graduation day for all attendees!

Note: if the number of guests you are bringing changes, just re-submit the form. We will reference your most recent submission in determining guest count.

If any of your requests may require special accommodations, you must request those no later than May 3. A listing of available accommodations (proximity parking, lower-level seating, etc.), as well as the link to submit your request, are available on the Special Accommodations page.  

Return your library items and pay fines on your account to avoid issues with graduating or requesting transcripts.

You can return library items to any Duke Library or dropbox. The Ford Library outdoor dropbox is located at the top of the stairs from the parking circle off Fuqua Drive, between the Keller West and Keller East buildings, next to the Keller East side door.

If you would like to discuss a fine or have any questions about your library account, please email the Ford Library circulation team at:

As a student, you most likely are accessing Microsoft Office through an Office 365 subscription. Before you graduate, make sure you have the “Graduation” or fully licensed copy of MS Office installed. If you don’t, the Office 365 subscription will expire and stop working after graduation (meaning you will need to buy the software at full retail!). For more information and a detailed how-to guide on how to confirm you have the permanent software license, please visit the TSC's website for graduating students.


Duke Card, Building Access, Printing/Copying, etc.

Your DukeCard will deactivate, typically 5-10 days after Graduation.


November 2023; 6 months after graduation.

Note: You may lose access to a particular course earlier if the instructor chooses to limit access to a specific time period.

Duke Box

Students will have the option to maintain their Box account upon graduation. The account can be transitioned to a personal Box account and will keep the allotted 50 GB of storage space.

Duke Email Account

May 2024. Your Duke email account is active 1 year after graduation.

After you graduate, you will use your Duke Onelink account to access alumni resources and to set up Duke alumni email account

Duke NetID/Password

1 year after Graduation.


November 2023; 6 months after graduation.

Gym Access

Immediately after Graduation.

Library Access

Access to library databases expires when your Duke NetID and password expire, typically 5-10 days after Graduation.

The Ford Library has more information on library services available to Fuqua alumni.


Typically, 5-10 days after Graduation.

Zoom Typically, 5-10 days after Graduation.


November 2023; 6 months after graduation.

Note: You may lose access to a particular recording earlier if the instructor chooses to limit access to a specific time period.


Further instructions on how to avoid losing access to your personal files or data can be found at the TSC’s website for graduating students.

You will not receive your diploma if you have a balance due with the Bursar. Please make sure to review your Bursar balance in DukeHub prior to May 13 and resolve any outstanding balance. Contact with any questions

If you rented your graduation apparel through Net Impact Club, please be sure to return all items. Collection bins will be placed in Geneen during the celebration at Fuqua on Saturday for you to easily return your apparel. After Saturday, collection bins will be in Fox until May 17.

If you purchased your graduation apparel from the bookstore, we encourage you to consider donating your apparel to Net Impact Club. To donate, you can place your items in the bins mentioned above. Donations support the Summer Internship Fund, which provides financial assistance to FY students who pursue summer internships with nonprofit organizations and public agencies.

Please note: if you plan to attend the Duke-wide Commencement Ceremony, do not return or donate your apparel on Saturday. You’ll need it to wear on Sunday. You can return or donate in the bins at Fuqua until May 17.

If you've been using keys for the bike racks, helmet lockers, club storage, etc., please return them to the BMO by June 1. You can either drop your key in the middle slot labeled Building Mail located outside the Fuqua Mailroom (room A09 located across from the BMO), at the BMO Office during business hours, or mail them to the address below.

Mailing Address: 

Building Management Office

Duke Fuqua School of Business

100 Fuqua Drive, Box 90120

Durham, North Carolina, 27708-0120

Your parking permit is valid until August 15, 2023. You are not required to return it.