All your action items related to Graduation.

CRITICAL: You must complete these items before you leave Fuqua and/or to graduate.

Below are instructions regarding applying for graduation, including confirming/updating your diploma name. You must apply to graduate by March 3, 2018. For the best experience, we suggest that you use any browser other than Internet Explorer. Please Note: the process to apply to graduate will not open until January 29. After this time, you will receive an email notification and your expected graduation term will be populated in the drop down menu.

Apply to Graduate:

  • Login to DukeHub.
  • Click on the Forms & Request tab from your home page.
  • On the Forms & Request tab, click on the Apply for Graduation button.
  • Click on Academic Program (this should be your current program). Choose Continue.
  • Select your Expected Graduation Term from the drop down box. Choose Continue.
  • Click on Update Degree Name and enter your name as you wish it to appear on your diplomaDo not enter this information in ALL CAPS. Use proper capitalization and punctuation for initials, titles, etc. You will have the option to enter a phonetic name, which will aid in pronouncing your name at the graduation ceremony.
  • Click on Update Degree Address to add a new address or check Send To My Address to select one of your existing addresses. This will be the address to which your diploma will be sent if you do not pick it up after the Saturday ceremony. Diplomas will be mailed after May 22nd. Choose Continue.
  • After you have entered all of your information, you will be taken to the Verify Graduation Data page. Verify that the information is correct.
  • Click the Submit Application button to complete your application for graduation.
  • Note: If you need to make updates after your initial submission, or after the deadline, please email

You must order your graduation apparel. Ordering your apparel is your responsibility and you must have it to walk at Graduation.

You have two options for ordering caps, gowns, and hoods, all of which should be worn for the Fuqua-specific ceremony in Cameron Indoor Stadium on Saturday afternoon, as well as the Duke-wide ceremony on Sunday morning.

  • Rent your apparel ($47):  Rent your Cap, Gown, & Hood through the Net Impact Club to benefit the Summer Internship Fund. Net Impact will be tabling in the Fox Center from Thursday, February 15th through Friday, February 23rd to take your reservations for apparel as well as payments. Another option to reserve your attire is to complete the survey found here. Please note: you MUST pay via the instructions provided in the form to secure your reservation. If you have further questions, please contact Danielle Hayman for additional information. Reservations must be made by February 23rd. Rental reservations made after February 23rd will incur a late fee of $10.
  • Buy your apparel ($63+ tax): Buy your cap, gown & hood through Duke University BookstoreYou must complete the instructions to order prior to their deadline of Monday, March 19th.

Joint Degree Attire

See above information about academic attire. Additionally, joint degree students can wear any Master's level gown along with a cap but you must order the MBA hood.

For Graduation clearance, all second-year students pursuing a concentration must verify their concentration information is accurate and/or up-to-date by April 6, 2018. We recommend ensuring you are on track to complete your concentrations ASAP.

Concentrations are not required. You may select a maximum of 2 concentrations or 2 certificates ( Certificate of Academic Excellence in Finance, in Management Science and Technology or Management and Health Section management Certificate) or combination of both. Example: (1 certificate and 1 concentration). The MSTM and HSM certificates can only be added by the Fuqua Registrar. Please contact if you have questions regarding adding or removing a certificate. 

Use the Concentration and Certificate Selection tool in FuquaWorld to add or remove concentrations or the Certificate of Academic Excellence in Finance (CAEF) on this site. Clear your brower's cache if you have difficulty accessing this pathway.

  • To add a concentration and/or the CAEF: select the appropriate check box(es) and press the Submit button.
  • To remove a concentration and/or CAEF:-select the appropriate check box(es) and press the Submit button.

The requirements for all available concentrations can be found in FuquaWorld. Requirements for certificates can also be found in FuquaWorld.

Please Note: Upon graduation, your completed concentration (s) and/or certificates will be indicated on your official transcript.

Questions can be sent to

Detailed information on graduation requirements can be found here. The Fuqua Registrars are auditing all student records and will let you know if they see any impediment to you graduating. If you haven’t received an email from the Registrars with concerns, you are on track to graduate. In this case, no news is good news. If you want to confirm you’ve met all graduation requirements, email

If any of your guests will require special security accommodations, alternate seating, or parking accommodations due to limited mobility or illness, you must request these accommodations by submitting the Special Accommodations Request Survey by Friday, April 27. Details are on the special accommodations page.

There are no tickets required or limit on the number of guests you can bring to both the ceremony at Cameron Indoor Stadium and the reception at the Fox Center. However, we do ask that you RSVP for the Fuqua reception here to let us know how many guests you will bring with you. This information will help us ensure a smooth graduation day for all attendees!

You will not receive your diploma or transcripts if you have a balance due.

Before graduation, you must pay any outstanding fines and return items to avoid issues with graduating on time or requesting transcripts. Please consider donating any unwanted books to other students via the Fuqua Book Exchange from April 13 to May 15. 

In order to receive your diploma, all outstanding bills with the University must be paid. Graduates will be able to pick up their diplomas on Saturday during the reception. If you are unable to pick up your diploma on Saturday, May 12, 2018, we will have them available in the Daytime Student Services Office until Friday, May 18. The office is located at the bottom of the Fox Center circular staircase on the left.

All remaining diplomas will be sent to the University Registrar's Office on Monday, May 21 at 8:00am and will be mailed to the address on file in DukeHub. Please keep your address up-to-date in DukeHub.

If you've been using keys for the bike racks, storage areas, etc., please return them to the BMO before you leave Fuqua or by June 1.

Clean out your personal belongings before you leave Fuqua or NO LATER THAN JUNE 1!  The Daytime MBA Program Office will not be held responsible for any items left in your locker after this date. If anything is left in the locker, it will be assumed you don’t want it and it will be indiscriminately thrown away or donated to nonprofit organizations.


IMPORTANT: These items may not be required to get your diploma, but completing them is an important part of your transition and Fuqua legacy. We strongly recommend you take the time to complete the tasks below.

If you have not already done so, you and your guests should make hotel reservations now!

A listing of local hotels is provided for your convenience. You can also visit the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau for additional area information and lodging options.

Have questions about graduation? Want to make sure you don't miss out on anything awesome in your final months at Fuqua? Come and get the skinny on all of your end-of-year events, celebrations, and to-dos leading up to Graduation. Lunch will be provided, so please RSVP to ensure we have an accurate count. If you did not attend in person, you can review the slides here

Whether you are seeking a job or not, reporting your status in GTS helps you and your classmates tremendously. You can report your job status via the GTS home page NOW and whenever it changes. Reporting your status most helps your classmates that are currently seeking so that the Career Management Center can focus efforts on helping students. Please report even if you’re not currently seeking a job so we have the right data set for both employment statistics and ranking surveys.

OPT: Find more information here. This process can take a long time, start as soon as you’ve accepted your job.

H1B: If you are an international student intending to participate in the Spring 2018 H1B lottery, more details on the process found here.

Giving to your class gift campaign helps preserve those resources and experiences that have been key to your Fuqua experience. The Class of 2018 Gift Campaign will officially kick-off with the Annual Blue v. Blue Challenge on 2/27. By participating in the challenge, you’ll contribute to your class gift campaign and will help us beat UNC – Win-Win! More details can be found here. The goal is to reach 100% participation in the Class Gift by March 13!

Other actions to take as a soon-to-be Fuqua alum:

Tell us about the students and club that made your Fuqua experience so special. You have the opportunity to nominate classmates for:

  • the Asa T. Spaulding Sr. Award for Leadership
  • the Distinguished Service Award
  • the Alan D. Schwartz Award for Mentorship
  • 2018 Student Graduation Speaker
  • the Duke MBA Club of the Year Award

The recipients of the above awards will be revealed and recognized at the Second Year Awards and Fuqua Finale event on May 10. Descriptions of each award and videos of past recipients can be found here. To nominate your classmates for any of the above awards, please complete this form.

Who are the faculty or staff members who’ve made a difference during your time at Fuqua? You have the opportunity to nominate:

  • a professor for excellence in teaching a CORE course
  • a professor for excellence in teaching an ELECTIVE course (Note: this nomination is collected on a separate form and due on 4/27 to allow consideration of your Spring 2 elective professors)
  • a staff member who has impacted your Fuqua experience for the better

The recipients of the above awards will be revealed and recognized at the Second Year Awards and Fuqua Finale event on May 10. Descriptions of each award can be found here. To nominate a CORE course faculty member or staff member, please complete this form. To nominate an ELECTIVE course faculty member, please complete this form.

How would you describe your time at Fuqua? What are the memories or experiences you hold most dear? Take a few minutes to reflect on your past two years and complete this form to share your experiences with us. We will use your submission on this form to create a special gift for your class, which will be revealed at graduation.

Don’t forget to nominate 1 professor for excellence in teaching an elective course.

NOTE: this is the same award as mentioned previously in this list, so only complete the nomination form now (or resubmit the form) if your favorite elective instructor has changed during Spring 2! Click here to complete the form. A description of this award can be found at the link.

As a student, you most likely are accessing Microsoft Office through an Office 365 subscription. Before you graduate, make sure you have the “Graduation” or fully licensed copy of MS Office installed. If you don’t, the Office 365 subscription will expire and stop working after graduation (meaning you will need to buy the software at full retail!). For more information and a detailed how-to guide on how to confirm you have the permanent software license, please visit the TSC's website for graduating students.

If you rented your graduation apparel through Net Impact Club, please be sure to return all items. Collection bins will be placed around the Fox Center during the reception on Saturday for you to easily return your apparel. After Saturday, collection bins will be placed near the Keller Center East doorways until May 17.

If you purchased your graduation apparel, we encourage you to consider donating your apparel to Net Impact Club. To donate, you can place your items in the bins mentioned above. Donations support the Summer Internship Fund, which provides financial assistance to FY students who pursue summer internships with nonprofit organizations and public agencies.

Please note: if you plan to attend the Duke-wide Commencement Ceremony, do not return or donate your apparel on Saturday. You’ll need it to wear on Sunday. You can return or donate in the bins at Fuqua until May 17.


AS INTERESTED: These items are not required but are recommended for their awesomeness. These items may enrich your final months at Fuqua, make your transition smoother, or increase your fun!

You will be given printed announcements for the Daytime MBA ceremony in Cameron Indoor Stadium on Saturday afternoon, which can be shared with family and friends. These were placed in your lockers on February 14.

If you wish to order more than the announcements we provide for you, visit Jostens to order personalized announcement packages. You can also leave or take extra announcements in the box provided in the Fox Center.

All Fuqua students (FYs and SYs), partners, and families are welcome and encouraged to attend Beach Week. Beach Week will be at Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach from Thursday May 3rd through Tuesday May 8th. Fun activities and social events will be planned throughout. You must RSVP on OrgSync by February 27 to receive updates and to dos related to Beach Week. Additional details on what you need to do now can be found at the link.

Student Life is organizing 3 days of Duke Chapel Climbs for SYs on Tues April 3, Wed April 4, and Thurs April 5 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. There are limited spots available, first-come, first-served. Given the limited availability of spots, this event is only open to SY Daytime MBA students (sorry, no partners, families or non-Daytime students!). Sign up ASAP if this is an item you want to check off your Fuqua/Duke/Durham bucket list! More details and the link to sign up can be found here

Fuqua Reflects is for SYs and faculty/staff only. Fuqua Reflects is the first event that kicks off the SY Fuqua Capstone experience. During the Fuqua Reflects photo shoot, SYs and their families reflect on the MBA experience at Fuqua and write meaningful messages on their body - including general statements to the world, reflections on what they've learned during their time here, and the impact they intend to make going forward. You can choose to be photographed individually or as part of a group. Check out some example photos here. Photos will be revealed at Capstone on 4/18!

The sign up link will be made available via email soon. Slots fill quickly, so reserve your time ASAP.



November 2018.

Note: You may lose access to a particular course earlier if the instructor chooses to limit access to a specific time period.

DukeCard (i.e. building access, parking, printing/copying, etc.)

Typically, your DukeCard will become inactive within 3-5 days of Graduation.

Duke Box

Students will have the option to maintain their Box account upon graduation. The account can be transitioned to a personal Box account and will keep the allotted 50 GB of storage space.

Duke Email Account

May 2019.

Duke NetID/Password

Between 5 to 10 days after Graduation.

Fuqua H: Drive

September 30, 2018.


November 2018.

Gym Access

Immediately after Graduation.

Library Access

Access to library databases expires when your Duke NetID and password expire (typically 5-10 days after Graduation).

More information on library services available to Fuqua alumni can be found here.


Immediately after Graduation.


November 2018.

Note: You may lose access to a particular recording earlier if the instructor chooses to limit access to a specific time period.


Further instructions on how to avoid losing access to your personal files or data can be found at the TSC’s website for graduating students.


Your parking permit is valid until August 15, 2018. You are not required to return it.