A headshot photo of Corey

MSQM '22

Managing Director of Digital Insights and Risk Management
FTI Consulting, Inc.

1. It has been one year since you graduated from Fuqua. Where has life taken you?

Last year I joined FTI Consulting, Inc. as a managing director of digital insights and risk management, where I serve as a digital forensics and analytics expert for corporate clients and law firms. Clients typically engage our team when they require sophisticated data analysis in support of complex litigation and investigations, e.g. IP theft litigation, post-acquisition M&A disputes, cryptocurrency investigations, etc.

2. Your work as a managing director in the technology and risk consulting field is highly influential for many businesses, law firms, banks, and employees in your community. What’s your greatest passion for your work, and how did Fuqua support this interest?

I enjoy providing people with clarity by extracting objective, defensible meaning from within data. At work, that means collecting, understanding, and analyzing diverse data sources with unmatched integrity of process and perspective, whereby my expert feedback generates actionable insights of measurable value.

As a Fuqua student, we were continuously engaged in the practical application of customized programming solutions for traditional and emerging business case studies. Even where the technical skillset is not directly transferrable to my day-to-day work, the institutional literacy provided in my studies has allowed me to better engage with clients across different industries, further bolstering my status as a trusted advisor.

3. What’s your fondest Fuqua memory?

It is completely cliché, but sitting with my cohort at Cameron Indoor Stadium and being surrounded by the Fuqua community at graduation is not only a lasting Fuqua memory but a lifetime highlight.

4. What do you most look forward to about Fuqua Reunions 2023?

I am personally excited to interact with my business analytics cohort. Having minimal in-person meetings during the pandemic has made our campus interactions all the more significant and I look forward to continuing those relationships now and into the future.

I am equally, if not more eager to make new connections among my other MBA, MMS, and MQM colleagues. These connections are fulfilling personally and professionally, and I cannot express how welcoming the alumni network has been in such a short period of time. I’ve already attended Duke events in Los Angeles, New York, Austin, and, of course, Durham.

5. As a leadership donor, why do you support the Fuqua Annual Fund?

As a first-generation college student from rural Maine, I would have never had the experience of meeting and learning from such a cognitively and geographically diverse network of peers and faculty but for the provision of scholarship funding and resources along the way. It is therefore important to me and my family that we continue to support the integration of students from all backgrounds into the composition of the Fuqua community so that they may have a similar opportunity to expand their worldview while reciprocating with their own unique qualities.

6. What does #TeamFuqua mean to you?

When I think about conveying “Team Fuqua” to people outside of our network, I immediately think about a tolerant and welcoming group committed to supporting the authentic pursuit of any number of societally and personally productive passions. Basically, we empower our own while positively contributing to the broader communities in which we operate.