Keep your class engaged

There are many ways to keep your class engaged with Fuqua. Read more on how you can give back.

Class Communication Chairs serve as the point persons for collecting personal and professional news for quarterly publication in Fuqua's online class notes.


  • To solicit, compile, and edit classmate photos and updates on a quarterly basis for publication in the online class notes.
  • To share information with classmates via electronic mailing lists on behalf of Fuqua. This could include important school news or information that may affect your class.
  • To assist in finding a replacement chair when the current chair steps down.


  • A willingness to contact classmates and share information.
  • Good writing skills, attention to detail, and an affinity for compiling and cataloguing information.
  • Ability to be a positive, thoughtful ambassador for Fuqua who enjoys working and communicating with Fuqua staff.
  • Commitment to the mission of the school.

Selection of Class Communication Chairs:

  • Self-nominated or nominated by a classmate.
  • Recommended by the current Class Communication Chair as he/she steps down.
  • Solicited by Fuqua's Alumni Relations team.


To learn more or volunteer for your class:

Email the Alumni Relations team.

Alumni volunteers are an important component to Fuqua's reunion program. We invite you to learn more about opportunities available and get involved with your class committee.  To join the Reunion Committee, email!

Why volunteer?

  • To reconnect with classmates. 

  • To start, or continue, on a pathway to other volunteer opportunities at Fuqua. 

  • To accomplish a worthy goal and make an impact at the school. 

  • To develop or strengthen a relationship with Fuqua staff.

  • To live in the spirit Team Fuqua, even after graduation.

Reunion Committee Roles


Social Media Ambassador

Commitment time: November - April

This volunteer position is for those who enjoy sharing on social media. Whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, social media posts are an excellent way to inform classmates of reunion and encourage their attendance. This role will be responsible for:


  • Posting content that our staff shares with you to your social media accounts, including hashtags, photos, and links.
  • Manage class-specific social media activity. Promotion of DAR department-based Facebook group and events.
  • Ask classmates to share class photos - both current as well as from your time at Fuqua

Class Reconnector

Commitment time: February - April

In this role, volunteers will be asked to reach out to their directly to at least 10 of their classmates to reconnect them with Fuqua, find out what they are up to now, discuss reunion weekend, and encourage them to attend. Reaching out directly looks like calling a classmate by phone, emailing, texting, or direct messaging.

In addition to reconnecting with classmates, this position will help recruit additional class volunteers for outreach activity.

Class Insider

Commitment time: November - April

This role will help Fuqua’s Development and Alumni Relations staff plan reunion by providing ideas for programming, class dinners, and sharing class-specific memories to make reunion a unique experience. Other tasks include:

  • Reach out to favorite faculty to encourage them to connect with your class at reunion weekend.
  • Provide anecdotes to Fuqua's Development and Alumni Relations team about your time at Fuqua to help us tailor class communication.
  • Organize class-specific activities (example include, hash runs, FuquaVision, etc), if of interest to your class

Volunteer Timeline


  • Reunion volunteer recruitment
  • All volunteers: Review training documents
  • Fuqua provides materials for communication to your class about reunion
  • Social Media ambassador: Begin using existing social media platforms (e.g., Facebook pages) or create new ones to start promoting reunion
  • Class Insider: Begin thinking about what makes your class unique. Is there something important to your class that should happen during reunion?


  • Volunteers register for reunion
  • Class Reconnector: Select at least 10 classmates to reach out to and begin making contact
  • Social Media Ambassador: Continue posting on social media to inform classmates of reunion programming and encourage their attendance.
  • Class Insider: Begin reaching out to DAR staff with ideas for unique reunion programming, class dinners, or class-specific memories.


  • Class Reconnector & Social Media Ambassador: Continue outreach to classmates
  • Class Insider: Contact faculty about participating in class activities
  • Attend reunion May 1 - 3, 2020.





To Learn More:

Email the Reunion Team.

Reminders for Current Class Communication Chairs

Review samples, deadlines, and processes for submitting notes quarterly.