Be a part of the Fuqua community

Regional alumni groups promote communication and interaction among members of the Fuqua community through a variety of professional, social, educational, and family activities.

Led by the current Fuqua School of Business Representative on the Duke Alumni Association Regional Alumni Board, responsibilities may be shared by a team of volunteers depending on the alumni base in the regional area.

Regional Alumni Group Responsibilities:

  • Update personal contact information in the alumni directory.
  • Serve as a liaison between the region's alumni and the Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) office.
  • Participate in planning meetings to develop the calendar of events for the coming year led by the current Fuqua School of Business Representative.
  • Work collaboratively as a team to organize social and/or professional events.
  • Partner with the Duke University Alumni Association Regional Board and/or the business school alliance for programming purposes (where applicable).
  • Stay engaged and informed about Fuqua by reading alumni communications.
  • Work collaboratively as a team to coordinate programming in the area.
  • Manage communication through the email distribution list provided by Fuqua.
  • Provide content to the Alumni Relations team for the regional webpage.
  • Spread the word about events and initiatives through Duke and Fuqua networks and personal contacts.
  • Assist in developing and engaging new regional volunteers, with a view towards succession.

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