Help future students

The Admissions Office relies heavily on your help to recruit students. Many undecided applicants have chosen Fuqua based on positive interactions with Fuqua alumni, and many of our best students have been referred by alumni.  


  • To promote and enhance the global reputation and benefits of Fuqua's programs.
  • To encourage prospective applicants whose personalities, needs and motivations are well suited to Duke.
  • To increase our yield by converting more students from admitted to enrolled status.
  • To assist the Admissions office with recruitment activities.

To learn more, email the Admissions Office.

Ways to Volunteer

There are several ways you can help the admissions team as they recruit the next Fuqua classes:

Throughout the fall, we host information sessions  for prospective students who have expressed an interest in applying to Fuqua. If you are interested in supporting an event as an alumni representative, we will contact you 3-4 weeks prior to the event. The sessions typically include a presentation by a member of the Admissions staff and a current student, an alumni panel discussion, and an opportunity for candidates to mingle with alumni. Even if you are not comfortable sitting on a panel, we need your help to answer general questions and discuss your Fuqua experience with attendees. Information sessions typically last no more than two hours.

We participate in MBA Forums for prospective students all over the world. Roughly 150 schools from around the globe participate in these gatherings, which are similar to trade shows or career fairs for prospective students. These events are staffed by alumni, students and Admissions representatives. Alumni may volunteer to staff the Duke MBA booth and speak with prospective applicants. If you are interested in participating in one of these events, we will contact you 3-4 weeks prior.

Inform the school of important MBA fairs held outside the U.S. Our budget is limited and fairs can be expensive; however, we may be able to participate if we have alumni volunteers to represent us at the event.

You know what it takes to be successful at Fuqua. Please complete our endorsement form and tell us why an applicant you know would be an asset to one of our programs.

Did you meet an applicant at an Admissions event who made an impression—favorable or unfavorable? Complete our endorsement form to let us know. You should not complete this form for every applicant that you meet. Rather, this is to capture an exceptionally positive or negative interaction that should be conveyed to the Admissions Committee.

The interview is invaluable in assessing an applicant's general management knowledge, level of maturity, interpersonal skills, career direction, leadership skills, and English proficiency—all qualities we consider for acceptance to our programs. Applicants who interview on campus have the advantage of experiencing Team Fuqua firsthand as they can interact with our students and see our excellent facilities. Applicants who live on the West Coast or outside the U.S. get the best feel for the program and the Fuqua experience by interviewing with an alumnus or alumna, and learning about his or her experience.

Congratulate admitted students and answer any questions they may have about the Fuqua experience. Occasionally, a prospective applicant will ask to be put in touch with a local alumnus. Should this be the case, we would first contact you and confirm your availability, before asking you to contact the prospective student.

Recommend an Applicant

You know what it takes to be successful at Fuqua. Please complete our alumni recommendation form and tell us why an applicant you know would be an asset to one of our programs.