Save the Date! March 21, 2023

Group of people at Fuqua Around the World 2022

Mark your calendars for Fuqua’s annual global networking celebration, Fuqua Around the World (#FuquaATW), on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. Check back soon for a list of participating locations!

What is Fuqua Around the World? A global networking and social event for Fuqua alums and current and admitted students happening on the same night. Join the party and show our community what it means to be a part of Team Fuqua!

Stay tuned! Registration will open in February 2023. In the meantime, check out our FAQ.

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Questions? Thinking about hosting in your city? Let us know!

Ana Branning


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2022 Photo Gallery

Group of people at Fuqua Around the World 2022
Take a peek at what you can expect for #FuquaATW in 2023 by looking at last year's photos!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fuqua Around the World?

Started in 2014, Fuqua Around the World (#FuquaATW) is a global networking event, bringing together the Fuqua alumni, current, and admitted students as a community to celebrate Team Fuqua through volunteer-led events around the world on a single date each year.

Who's invited?

Fuqua alumni and current students from all programs and years, admitted Fuqua students, Duke and Fuqua's staff traveling to the regions.

Who are the volunteer hosts and what is their role?

Fuqua alumni and current students serve as #FuquaATW volunteers around the globe. These hosts are our best advocates for #FuquaATW, and we can't have these events without them. Responsibilities include:

  • Securing a venue and time to host the event
  • Promoting #FuquaATW to their regional, personal, and class year networks
  • Welcoming guests and taking photos and videos to share on social media

How can I become a volunteer host in my region or city?

Interested in hosting in your city or region? Email Ana Branning, Assistant Director for Alumni Relations, to find out how!

Why should I attend a #FuquaATW event in my city or region?

There are many reasons to attend #FuquaATW!

  1. Build your alumni network! Whether you live in a community with lots of Fuqua alumni or in an area with very few, #FuquaATW allows you to gather to get to know fellow alumni and build connections in your region. "As alumni, it offers not only a chance to relive our experiences at Fuqua, but also to solidify our existing connections, forge new ones, and build relationships so we can continue to support each other down the road." – Manish Ghosh, WEMBA '17 (past #FuquaATW host for Princeton, NJ)
  2. It's a great way to express the value and importance of the #TeamFuqua community to admitted students, getting them interested and excited about choosing Fuqua. Admitted students will have the opportunity to connect with current students and begin networking with our 27,000+ alumni worldwide.
  3. No one likes hanging out on a Tuesday night alone, so why not join the celebration!