Eda Aguilar black and white portrait

MBA '07

Founder & Designer
EDALOU PARIS Multi Lux Versatility Leather Goods & Accessories

What do you do professionally?

I am currently an award-winning fashion accessories designer in Paris. I have my own fashion line, EDALOU PARIS. After 15 years in finance, I took a leap of faith and changed my whole life. I am also an NFT investor, advisor and curator, and recently started learning and exploring this new creative and economic movement.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

Designing! I love creating new products and the storytelling behind them. Brainstorming creative ways to present a campaign and making the client feel a part of it. I also enjoy inspiring and teaching others about transformation, fashion, and now NFTs.

What is the biggest challenge you face?

Independent designers do not always have the right platforms to be able to show their work. This is changing, but it is still difficult for a small brand to reach economies of scale, manufacture, and distribute in a way that can make the business profitable. Creativity and ingenuity are key to being able to navigate these challenges. 

What sorts of interesting places has your position taken you? Do you have a favorite?

With the pandemic stretching over the past two years, not really new places but mostly new experiences as a designer in Paris. Understanding how to make a product in the city of fashion, being able to cover Paris Fashion Week for different magazines, and going back home to America and Puerto Rico to show what I have done.

What is the best professional advice you’ve received?

Learn how to do almost everything in your company before outsourcing to others. In the beginning, it will help you save while your business grows. Be genuine, follow your instincts, pay attention to the boring part—the numbers—and always be willing to collaborate.

Aside from your current role, what is your dream job?

I would love to make collaborations with a lifestyle brand and design a house collection. 

Professionally or personally, what are you excited about right now?

I am excited about NFTs and how they can change the art, fashion, and education industries.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I dance! I was a dancer, and I still enjoy it. It helps me relieve stress and let go. From this passion comes part of the EDALOU’s mantra—ROCK DANCE LOVE.

What is the most important thing you learned during your time at Fuqua?

Fuqua was a turning point in my life. It was where I discovered that I could do incredible things if I gave it my all! It was so meaningful to be surrounded by such talented classmates, which, 15 years after, are still like family. I had great and highly experienced teachers, staff, and speakers that left a mark. The Duke community is one of the best from which to learn, discuss, grow, and achieve.

Who was your favorite professor?

The economic professor, Mr. Jose Wynne, as he made economics interesting and logical.

What is your favorite Fuqua memory?

Our times together as a united class. After lectures in the student lounge sharing stories, taking a break from it all, dancing in Danny’s Den, and traveling together to Asia and Europe.

What does Team Fuqua mean to you?

It means family. The Fuqua community will always be there to have my back.

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Eda Aguilar