Rico, wearing a sharp blue suit, is leaning against a wall in an office setting

MBA '12

Mergers and Acquisitions, Professional Coach, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Philanthropist
Equalize, Snack ‘n Fun, and Fun Media Designs

1. What do you do professionally?

Currently, I work for a technology company with responsibility for Business Development and M&A. This involves helping the company with inorganic growth by acquiring small tech companies and structuring strategic business deals. Outside of my corporate career, I am an entrepreneur. I have created two successful e-commerce firms, Snack ‘n Fun and Fun Media Designs. Snack ‘n Fun delivers snack and activity boxes for kids all over the country, and Fun Media Designs creates and develops coloring books and other print media for sale at online retailers.


2. Tell us about an important lesson you’ve learned as a result of your military service.

The military offered many lessons that have shaped who I am today. One of the most important lessons that I learned was to remain calm under pressure and to make the best decision possible without all the answers. The military places you in situations that require steady, decisive, calculated action. I have been able to apply this skill during many stressful business decisions.


3. Why did you join, or why did you select the service branch you joined?

I joined the Air Force because I thought it would provide mental challenge and also present technical skills for my future career.


4. How did your military experience influence your journey to getting an MBA at Fuqua?

My military experience was very influential in my decision to pursue an MBA at Fuqua because Fuqua is a very military-friendly school and allowed me to connect with other veterans who positively impacted my experience.


5. What advice would you give other veterans who are considering getting an MBA?

My advice to other veterans is to identify schools that prioritize the values that you find most important. Additionally, consider MBA programs that nurture a military-friendly culture that will allow you to flourish.


6. Why do you support Fuqua philanthropically?

Philanthropy is meaningful to me because it gives an opportunity for bright minds to get a quality education.


7. What does Team Fuqua mean to you?

Team Fuqua means a family of brilliant individuals who come together collectively to make a monumental impact on society.