Fuqua Reunions 2016

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Reconnect with friends before reunion by joining your class Facebook or LinkedIn group. Below are links to several existing groups. If your class has a group that's not listed here, send a link to alumni-relations@fuqua.duke.edu and we'll add it to the list.

Daytime MBA 2015
Evening Executive MBA 1991

FuquaVision celebrates 25th anniversary at Fuqua Reunions 2016

All alumni are invited to celebrate FuquaVision's 25th anniversary during reunion weekend, featuring an all-new episode of alumni-created content! If you've ever appeared in a sketch, ever attended a pitch session, or ever crammed into Geneen (or a classroom) to watch an episode, you're invited to join us and to participate! Join the FuquaVision 25th anniversary event on Facebook to learn more.