On June 30, 2021, Fuqua will retire its alumni email address (you@fuqua.duke.edu). If you have a Fuqua alumni email address, you will be receiving communications from the school on steps that you will need to take to ensure that you don’t miss any emails when this transition takes place. Here are answers to a few questions you may have:

Why is Fuqua no longer offering an alumni email address?

The Fuqua alumni email address was set up to forward emails to a target email account of the user’s choosing. As anti-spam technology has become more sophisticated, many users have had messages marked by email providers as spam or junk mail. Because Fuqua’s servers merely forward the messages, the school has no way to remedy this issue for users. 

I’m proud of my degree and want to show Duke’s brand in my communications. Is there a way I can still do that?

Yes! The university offers a Duke alumni email account (@alumni.duke.edu) to all graduates. Your Duke alumni email can be used as a full-service Microsoft Office 365 mailbox, or you can set it up to forward to another inbox like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Sign up for or access your Duke alumni email account through the Duke Alumni website. If you need assistance, please write to help@daa.duke.edu. We encourage you to take advantage of this great alumni benefit!

Note: You must first create a Duke OneLink account to establish a Duke alumni email account.

Duke sends communications about events and happenings to my Fuqua alumni email address. Will I stop receiving messages after June 30?

No. Duke will update your email address in our system to send communications directly to the email account to which your alumni email address forwards. You will not notice a difference when this change occurs and will receive email as you always have.

Note: If your Fuqua alumni email was not your preferred email address for Duke communications, there will be no change to the email address at which you receive future messages.

I use my Fuqua alumni email address in communications with friends and acquaintances, and as a login for several websites. What do I need to do?

Before June 30, you will need to inform those who communicate with you using your Fuqua alumni email to update their address book with your new email address. You will also need to visit websites and reset your login information to use your new email address.

How can I make changes to my email address or other contact information?

You can make edits to your contact information, including your email addresses, by updating your profile on the Duke Alumni website.