Alumni Council

The 50 alumni who make up the Alumni Council reflect the school's diversity of programs, graduating years, and demographics. The Council's mission is to foster a strong, lifelong bond between Fuqua and its alumni. It also promotes and maintains the school's unique "Team Fuqua" culture which is based on leadership through collaboration, a trustful and supportive community, an appreciation of each individual's perspectives and contributions, and a passion for making a difference.


  • To participate in two meetings per year (usually April and October) at Fuqua. Council members cover travel and accommodation costs. Fuqua covers activity and event costs.
  • To provide input and advice to Fuqua leadership on issues affecting the school.
  • To encourage productive and meaningful interactions at Council meetings and during the intervening periods.
  • To be active donors and give at the Keller Society level of at least $2,500 per year. Members are also asked to be active supporters of and advocates for Fuqua's fundraising efforts and to have an understanding of Fuqua's needs for philanthropic support.
  • To spread the word about Fuqua's activities, priorities, and opportunities for alumni engagement to the wider alumni community. To serve as a liaison to the school for alumni feedback, concerns, and ideas.
  • To advance the work of the Council through current initiatives by serving on Council committees or task forces that reflect the school's current needs.
  • To build the institution through strong leadership on class reunion committees and support alumni initiatives and events both at Fuqua and in their respective regions.
  • To help keep the Alumni Council strong and vibrant by promoting the opportunity to serve within the alumni community and suggesting candidates for the Council.


  • A strong commitment to Fuqua through volunteerism, involvement in Fuqua initiatives, attendance at events, philanthropic support of Fuqua, or willingness to increase philanthropic support.
  • Leadership in one's professional roles.
  • A passion for the ongoing success of Fuqua and its graduates.

Selection of Council Members:

Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by fellow alumni, Fuqua faculty or staff. Alumni Council applications are collected and reviewed each spring by the Alumni Council Chair, Vice Chair, and the Development and Alumni Relations leadership team (known as the "Membership Committee"). The Membership Committee looks to create a balanced Council that includes representation from all Fuqua graduation eras and programs and has a gender and ethnic makeup that reflects the alumni base.

New Alumni Council members are seated in July and are invited to serve a three-year term with the potential to serve an additional two-year term at the agreement of both the Council member and the Council leadership.

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Visit our roster to see who is currently serving on the Alumni Council.