Health Care Advisory Board

The Health Care Alumni Advisory Board was created in January 2011 to strengthen and promote the value of the Health Sector Management program and to enhance the professional and personal development opportunities of alumni in the health care community. The Health Care Alumni Advisory Board advises on issues that impact current students, Fuqua graduates, and the school's reputation.

The board is comprised of individuals who have completed a degree program at Fuqua and work or have strong professional interest in the health care industry. Every effort is made to represent the diverse membership of the alumni community in regard to Fuqua's programs, class years, health care specializations, and geographic areas.


  • To participate in two board meetings per year (usually in November and April) at Fuqua. Council members cover travel and accommodation costs. Fuqua covers activity and event costs.
  • To ensure productive and meaningful interactions at board meetings and during the intervening periods. Meetings should provide a balance of social and business opportunities and are geared toward creating a strong sense of ownership in the future direction and success of the school.
  • To advance the work of the Board through current initiatives and by serving on Board committees or task forces that reflect the school's current needs,
  • To support the fundraising efforts of the school by understanding Fuqua's requirements for philanthropic support and being active donors to the school.


  • A strong commitment of time, talent and capital to Fuqua.
  • Leadership in their professional roles.
  • Passion for the ongoing success of Fuqua and its graduates.

Nomination and Selection:

Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated to serve by a fellow alumnus or member of Fuqua's faculty or staff. The standard term of membership is three years with the opportunity to renew for an additional two-year term. Nominations are collected and reviewed annually by the board's Executive Committee and members of the Fuqua Development and Alumni Relations team.

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