Engage with Fuqua Faculty and Alumni Practitioners

Launched in 2020, Fuqua Forums are industry-based virtual events created exclusively for the Fuqua alumni community. Each two-hour session features a faculty lecture with Q&A, a practitioner panel showcasing interesting Fuqua alumni, and networking time for participants. View recordings from last year's series below.

All sessions take place from 11:30AM-1:30PM ET. Upcoming events:

October 19, 2021: Health Care
December 15, 2021: Entrepreneurship

David McAdams

October 19, 2021: Health Care

Faculty feature: David McAdams, Professor of Business Administration

  • From Aid to Essential National Investment: Changing the Game of Global Pandemic Preparedness.

Alumni practitioner panel: "What are social determinants of health and why are they a big deal?"

Yogin PatelStephen Morales

Left to right:

  • Yogin Patel ’99, MD/MBA ’04, President, ApolloMD
  • Stephen Morales MBA ’03, Managing Director, Optimity Advisors (Moderator)

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Sharique Hasan and Jamie Jones

December 15, 2021: Entrepreneurship

Faculty feature: Sharique Hasan, Associate Professor of Strategy and Jamie Jones, Associate Professor of the Practice of Management and Executive Director for the Fuqua Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Previous Sessions

Carl Mela

March 12, 2021: Technology

Faculty feature: Carl Mela, T. Austin Finch Foundation Professor of Marketing

  • Marketing Technology. The growth in martech, or technologies to scale and automate marketing, has been explosive. In 2014, there were only 900 major marketing technology companies and Shopify was trading at around $30 per share. Today there are over 8,000 major martech companies, and Shopify is trading around $1,200 per share. Professor Mela will discuss some key reasons that underpin growth in martech and its major components including ad tech, content marketing, and B2B and B2C and C2C platforms including sales tech, social media, the peer economy, and reputation platforms. Further, he will outline a more strategic approach to creating and managing your martech stack.

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Alumni practitioner panel

Scott BrightonChen-Lin LeeNaveen SeshadriKatherine Hutton

Left to right:

  • Scott Brighton MBA '93
  • Chen-Lin Lee MBA '05
  • Naveen Seshadri MBA '11
  • Katherine Hutton '05, MBA '11 (Moderator)

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Jack Soll

March 4, 2021: Management and Leadership

Faculty feature: Jack Soll, Professor of Management and Organization

  • Less is More: When Knowing Less Leads to Better Decisions. To make good decisions, you need information. Yet in some cases certain types of information can make decisions worse, not better. For example, although a job applicant’s physical attractiveness, gender, or race may all be irrelevant to job performance, our research shows that people often want to see this type of information. Moreover, decision makers often know that this type of information can be biasing, yet driven by their curiosity they elect to see it anyway. In this talk, Professor Jack Soll will discuss research that highlights this problem, and also how "blinding" oneself to certain kinds of information can lead to better decisions.


Alumni practitioner panel

Tarang AminChip DanielsAnne Sempowski WardCari Coats

Left to right:

  • Tarang Amin MBA '91
  • Chip Daniels MBA '03
  • Anne Sempowski Ward '94, MBA '04
  • Cari H. Coats MBA '03 (Moderator)


Keisha Cutright

February 25, 2021: Marketing

Faculty feature: Keisha Cutright PhD '11, Associate Professor of Marketing

  • Befriending the Enemy:  Should Brands Play Nice with the Competition? Consumers’ trust in brands is declining, and managers are desperately searching for novel ways to connect. Professor Keisha Cutright’s research suggests that improving one’s relationships with competitors is a valuable, albeit unexpected way for brands to do so. Professor Cutright will discuss the results of several experiments investigating how consumers respond when brands communicate with one another in more complimentary ways.


Alumni practitioner panel

    Jasmin AllenEsteban ColónCarl NeginTodd Bolin

    Left to right:

    • Jasmin Allen MBA '08
    • Esteban Colón MBA '98
    • Carl Negin MBA '02
    • Todd Bolin MBA '84 (Moderator)


      Manuel Adelino and Christine Moorman

      December 15, 2020: Entrepreneurship

      Faculty feature: Manuel Adelino, Associate Professor of Finance, and Christine Moorman, T. Austin Finch, Sr. Professor of Business Administration

      • Entrepreneurial Action & Mindset. Business today requires talent possessing an innovative spirit combined with the ability to see opportunities, create value, and marshal resources to solve big problems for the benefit of business, customers, and society. In our Fuqua Forums: Entrepreneurship faculty session, Professors Manuel Adelino and Christine Moorman will give an overview of a new Fuqua course that addresses how those seeking to innovate across a wide range industries can have an entrepreneurial mindset. They also will do a deeper dive into the importance of prioritizing deep customer focus. 


      Alumni practitioner panel

      Rachael ClassiRobb LawrenceRotimi ThomasManil UppalAndrea WeinbergJamie Jones

      Left to right:

      • Rachael Classi MBA ’14
      • Robb Lawrence MBA ’03
      • Rotimi Thomas MBA ’13, MEM '13
      • Manil Uppal MBA ’06
      • Andrea Weinberg MBA ’10
      • Jamie Jones, Associate Professor of the Practice and Executive Director of Fuqua’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CEI) (Moderator)


      Mary Frances Luce

      December 8, 2020: Health Care

      Faculty feature: Mary Frances Luce, Robert A. Ingram Professor of Business Administration and Associate Faculty Director, Health Sector Management

      • Making Value-Based Care Valuable. No one argues for less value (less benefit, more cost) in health care in general. Everyone wants positive patient health outcomes and no one wants to waste money. So what’s the problem? Professor Mary Frances Luce will discuss what value-based care is really addressing and why incentives, information, and influence on patients all matter in making value-based care robust.


      Alumni practitioner panel

      Teri LawverShaden MarzoukEdward SimMichael Dombeck

      Left to right:

      • Teri Lawver MBA ’94
      • Shaden Marzouk MBA ’11
      • Edward Sim MBA ’02
      • Michael Dombeck MBA ’03 (Moderator)


      Adriano Rampini

      November 13, 2020: Finance

      Faculty feature: Adriano Rampini, William and Sue Gross Professor of Financial Economics

      • The Risk Management Paradox: Why Firms Should Hedge and Why Many Don’t. Professor Adriano Rampini presents data on hedging patterns in the airline industry and discusses how the theory of corporate hedging helps us understand these patterns by considering the benefits of hedging and the obstacles that might prevent firms from doing so.

      The recording of this session is not available. An updated version of this presentation was given via LinkedIn Live in March 2021.


      Alumni practitioner panel

      Lisa HindsAnton SahazizianManavendra SialJack WildermuthJonathan Rosenzweig

      Left to right:

      • Lisa Hinds MBA '98
      • Anton Sahazizian MBA '00
      • Manavendra Sial MBA '03
      • Jack Wildermuth MBA '95
      • Jonathan Rosenzweig '91, MBA '93 (Moderator)