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Video Interview: Zimbabwe's Deputy Prime Minister Talks about Opportunity in Africa

Arthur Mutambara discusses Africa's business climate and what makes a good leader

April 05, 2013

Zimbabwe's Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara is tired of freebies.

"We are sick and tired of charity. Don't come to us with handouts," Mutambara said when discussing the business climate in Africa.

Instead, Mutambara wants entrepreneurs to find ways to solve Africa's problems and make money in the process.  He shared his ideas in a talk at Fuqua as part of the Business in Africa Conference

As deputy prime minister of Zimbabwe since 2009, Mutambara's responsibilities include overseeing infrastructure, energy policies and higher education. He has been a leader for democratic change in the country.  Mutambara has taught and conducted research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University. He has also been a visiting research scientist with NASA.

Watch Mutambara's video interview in which he discusses opportunities in Africa and the importance of leadership.